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Dakin Sloss is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He is the Founder and General Partner of Prime Movers Lab, the world’s leading partner of breakthrough scientific startups. He has led investments in and is a board member at Heliogen, Covaxx, Tarana, and Carbon Capture. Prior to founding Prime Movers Lab, Dakin served as the founding CEO of Tachyus and OpenGov. He is also a philanthropist dedicated to ending world hunger, resolving the global mental health pandemic, and redesigning early childhood education to cultivate integrated beings across body, mind and spirit. Dakin has been recognized as one of Yahoo Finance’s THE NEXT: 21 people who will have a significant impact on the worlds of finance, business, sports or politics in the year ahead and was featured on CNBC discussing the rise of SPACs. In 2016, Dakin was recognized as the featured Forbes 30 Under 30 energy entrepreneur. In 2017, he was named as a San Francisco Business Times 40 Under 40 honoree.


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May 26th, 2023

Now is the time for startups to hire top talent

The next Google, Facebook, and Amazon are being founded now. Rather than compete against these people in the years ahead, you should scoop them up now.

April 11th, 2023

Startups need to reset expectations when raising venture capital

If you grew accustomed to rapid competitive fundraises in 2020/2021, it’s time to recalibrate expectations.

March 2nd, 2023

Predictions for 2023: A make-or-break year for startups

I predict 2023 is going to be a year of reordering as the true breakthrough companies separate themselves from the rest of the pack while many others are acquired or fade away.

January 19th, 2023

Too many venture capitalists are focused on the wrong startups and priorities

Here are a few easy lessons that I think VCs should be thinking about to protect their limited partners from fallout.


Prime Movers Lab

Prime Movers Lab invests in breakthrough scientific startups founded by the world's prime movers – the inventors who transform billions of lives across energy, transportation, infrastructure, manufacturing, human augmentation, and agriculture.


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