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Daria Burke is a visionary leader and storyteller at the intersection of fashion and technology with the ability to capitalize on changing consumer demographics and behavior, digitize brands and lead purpose-driven, diverse and inclusive teams. Daria is the the former Chief Marketing Officer of JustFab, responsible for global brand awareness and positioning, overseeing all marketing functions across channels and geographies. As such, Daria led JustFab’s customer acquisition, retention and eCommerce site merchandising, responsible for driving global membership growth and revenue for the brand. Burke joined JustFab in 2019 following years spent building iconic fashion and beauty brands through innovative marketing initiatives. Previously, Daria led beauty, fashion and retail advertising partnerships at Facebook, where she served as a trusted advisor to CEOs and CMOs, partnering with client leadership teams to ignite new growth and evolve from a traditional distribution and media heritage to digital-led, omnichannel organizations. She successfully drove partner adoption in emerging technologies such as native checkout, augmented reality and artificial intelligence-driven customer messaging. Prior to joining Facebook, Burke served as Head of Beauty Strategy, Growth and Innovation at CVS, leading beauty and personal care category growth initiatives and serving as an architect of the BeautyIRL concept. Burke was one of the 10 founding team members of Rent the Runway, where she contributed to the brand’s rapid growth. Earlier in her career, she served in a series of marketing roles of increasing responsibilities at some of the world’s leading luxury beauty brands: Estée Lauder, Lancôme and Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. Daria was honored as a 2020 Woman to Watch by AdAge, and her creativity and impact have been recognized by Women’s Wear Daily, the CFDA, Vogue and Forbes. Daria holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan and a Master of Business Administration from the New York University Stern School of Business.

Published content

See, believe, become: The neuroscience of representation


To show someone a positive reflection of themselves is to show them that they matter.

A beginner's mind: neuroplasticity for diversity


The answer for making organizations more equitable is not to hire a Chief Diversity Officer and hand them the reins. The way to enact sustainable, systemic change is for CEOs to rewire the "brain" of their organizations.

Want to improve your customer experience? Go for these 15 'low-hanging fruits'

expert panel

Making simple but effective changes to your customer experience can make a huge difference in how your brand is perceived. When it comes to customer service, it's often the little things that make the most difference. Simple actions like using the customer's first name more often or delivering a personalized order confirmation are easy enough to automate and execute, but they can have a big and lasting impact on how a customer feels about your brand. There are plenty of opportunities to pick the "low-hanging fruit" and start improving your customer experience right away, without breaking the bank or expending tons of resources. To help you do this, 15 members of Fast Company Executive Board shared some easy ways they’ve boosted their customer experience and why it was so effective.

16 smart strategies for avoiding workplace silos

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Don't let your company's departments get cut off from each other and stop communicating about and progressing toward shared goals. In the early days of a startup, most team members likely wear multiple hats and have to pitch in together on a variety of projects. But as companies grow and develop, different departments may adopt their own project management and communications systems. While it may seem like it's a good idea for every team to find and leverage the tools and processes that work best for them, a drive for "departmental efficiency" can have the unintended effect of creating team silos. If every team or department in an organization is working with a different set of processes, systems, and tools, they may end up engaged in redundant work, overlook important tasks, and struggle to effectively communicate updates and needs with other stakeholders. All of these misfires can eventually lead to frustration for both the staff and the customers and clients the business serves. Fortunately, with the right strategies from leadership, it's possible to prevent the prevalence and minimize the impact of working in silos. Below, 16 Fast Company Executive Board members share their best tips and tricks for establishing a culture that values both maximum efficiency and productive collaboration.

16 strategies to help entrepreneurs shorten the workweek

expert panel

The leaders of even the leanest startup teams can usually find ways to cut down their work hours and find a better balance for long-term success. Entrepreneurs and their small crews understand and accept the hard work that comes with their decision to start or join a new business. Yet, a constant, long-hours hustle may not be sustainable over time. If a startup's team members regularly burn the candle at both ends, they're likely to burn out—and that spells bad news for the future of the business. While it may be a cliché, "Work smarter, not harder" may well apply here. If an entrepreneur can find ways to use time more productively, they can shorten the number of hours both they and their team members are devoting to work—which helps everyone involved sustain both their health and the health of the business for the long term. To help, the members of Fast Company Executive Board shared 16 steps entrepreneurs and their teams can take to reduce their 60-plus-hour workweeks down to 40 or less.

Why a midlife crisis is actually good for your brain


The idea of re-engineering one’s personal life often feels like a foreign concept at worst, or the result of a mid-life crisis at best.

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