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Beating the backlash: when business competitors stomp on innovation 

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Tune out the industry naysayers and lean into solving your target market's pain points. When you're a brand disruptor who aims to provide innovative solutions in an established "business as usual" marketplace, your company and its leadership are bound to ruffle some feathers. To overcome any negativity, continue to stay above the fray and let the data speak for itself. By proactively educating the underserved market of consumers and staying truthful about your business intentions, you'll mobilize a community of ambassadors in no time, who are willing to support your organization's potential and share their personal testimonials.  As you begin to strengthen your client base, remember to put their needs first. But it's also imperative to build bridges by keeping your competitors even closer. At the end of the day, feedback, whether good or bad, fuels inspiration and innovation. This puts your company in a much better position to address concerns, defend its own progress, and defeat the status quo mentality of other colleagues in the field. Below, 16 Fast Company Executive Board members share tips to maintain your clients' confidence in your new establishment and develop loyal partnerships that will last a lifetime.

13 factors companies should consider when creating a PTO package 

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Is your team truly benefiting from the current paid-time-off policies in place? In a hybrid work world where place and time flexibilities are a growing priority among current and potential employees, some employers are weighing in on the topic of PTO benefits. While it's important for companies to create work-life balance options and address the needs of their people, department leaders must also have candid conversations with their teams on performance expectations and the amount of time spent away from the office to prevent any business disruption.  Trying to decide on whether to create individual policies or vacation, sick time, and other forms of leave versus offering an all-inclusive unlimited PTO package? Here are 13 details to keep in mind, courtesy of Fast Company Executive Board members.

14 strategies to build client community engagement 

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Here's how business leaders are getting customers to participate and connect on a regular basis. Launching a viable company is not only about developing a quality brand of products and services, it's also about building long-lasting relationships with loyal clientele. But how can a business owner gain initial attraction from potential customers and partners in the marketplace that will enable their early establishment to grow?   Whether it's an online chance to stack up on reward incentives, or an in-person special event featuring a CEO AMA, the customers are sure to appreciate every opportunity to rub shoulders with the company's representatives, share their feedback on an added value item, and much more. To offer leaders and their teams some additional ways to keep the conversations going, below are 14 Fast company Executive Board members to share tips on what's been working for them.

15 ways to attract the top independent contractors

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Here's how to build a pipeline of services to address your department's needs.  In a gig-driven economy, it's essential to find highly-skilled freelancers who are willing to handle extra assignments during a busy season for your team. Be selective about your decision when reviewing the feedback of the consultant's previous and current clients. And, based on the expectations about the job requirements,  keep an open line of communication so that everyone is on the same page.  Below are 15 best practices, courtesy of Fast Company Executive Board members to help leaders to attract a diverse group of candidates and retain them for future projects. 

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