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I’m a serial CEO and board director with more than 30 years of experience in the tech industry. My strengths lie in my ability to help companies ramp up growth and productivity when they’re ready for that next level of success. I excel at building top-performing teams and motivating people to achieve amazing outcomes for customers and the business. I find that when you help people discover their strengths and support them in their career journeys, they will deliver innovation and superior business results. I believe strongly in accountability — especially from senior leaders who need to own their spheres of influence. My hires are high energy team players. At Lakeside Software, we’re proud to offer customers an award-winning solution that helps them serve their employees a superior experience with their digital workspace, which increases job satisfaction and talent retention. With the global shift to remote and hybrid work, there’s never been a more critical time for IT teams to deliver exceptional service to their end users. Along with running businesses for more than 18 years, I enjoy sports, love to compete, and value the opportunities I’ve had over the years to mentor and guide exceptional talent.

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Lakeside Software is a leader in cloud-based digital experience management. Lakeside's Digital Experience Cloud gathers and analyzes data on everything that may impact end-user experience and business productivity, and provides the unmatched visibility IT teams need to design and support rapidly changing digital workplaces. Customers use Lakeside's technology to perform end-user experience management, digital workplace planning, IT asset optimization, remote work management, and proactive service desk operations.



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Big Data for End User Computing
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