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Internet entrepreneur with background in media, venture capital, healthcare, and real estate, and a deep interest in network effects and platform adoption, Internet marketplaces, and consumer media. Specialties: product development, market research, software, venture capital, entrepreneurship, online business development, wireless/mobile

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Modernizing our health care system starts with embracing complexity, not trying to eliminate it


We are standing at the crossroads that will determine the shape of our future health care system—where we go next is up to us.

15 daily habits to boost productivity among leaders and their teams

expert panel

Sometimes, the simplest daily habits can have the most significant impact on your overall productivity and mindset. Happy and healthy employees can help enhance a team's overall productivity. The more productive and collaborative your team is, the more successful your business will be. As a leader, part of your role is to model good habits to increase productivity, whether it's by making time for self-care routines or by creating the perfect organizational system that works for your team. Below, 15 Fast Company Executive Board members shared the unique habits they believe can help both the personal and professional productivity of leaders and their teams.

15 ways for bootstrapped startups to reward top performers

expert panel

Even if you're self-funded, there are affordable ways to recognize and reward your team for a job well done. For a bootstrapped startup, giving monetary rewards to show appreciation to stand-out employees might not be possible in the very beginning. But there are other kinds of rewards and ways of recognizing hard work that experts have found make a larger impact than money. From shout-outs in all-hands meetings to creating dedicated "kudos" Slack channels, startup founders have created innovative and effective ways to show their appreciation for their employees' hard work without going over budget. Below, a panel of Fast Company Executive Board members provides their best cost-effective ideas for recognizing employees for their excellent work.

Why health benefits are becoming the new 401(k)


I believe health benefits will function more and more like the 401(k), whether through HSAs or a forthcoming vehicle. Depending on how employers respond, employees may thrive—or flounder—in this new environment.

How employers can reduce costs as healthcare consolidates


As an employer, how can you lower costs and provide better healthcare for employees in monopolized markets?

15 ideas to build brand recognition in a crowded marketplace

expert panel

Follow these tips to attract the right people, gain credibility, and elevate your business. When you are just starting out in the market, it may be hard to achieve immediate recognition as the newest player on the field or compete for clients in a crowded space. To pique consumer interest in an oversaturated space, you can study behavior patterns to carve your niche, but it is going to take more than free product samples or a trial membership to get consumers to support your brand and stick with you for the long haul.  Below, 15 members of Fast Company Executive Board offer their advice on how to boost your brand to appeal to clients in the marketplace. 

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Amino is the data-driven healthcare guidance platform that saves money and improves care outcomes for plan sponsors and members.



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