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Dharmesh Acharya

Director & COORadixweb

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

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Software Engineering
Information Technology


I lead the global business operations at Radixweb and strive to serve as the ‘director of growth’. My core focus is on building powerful user journeys and delivering exceptional customer experiences through designing tech-first solutions/services and helping clients maximize their revenue growth through ‘right’ tech investments. I consider myself invested in developing a cross-functional workforce by upskilling resources to ‘above industry-grade’ standards with my technical and operational expertise.

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Artificial intelligence de-hyped: Navigating through its realities and opportunities


This thrilling journey into a new era defined by artificial intelligence should be embraced—not with fear or apprehension but excitement for what can be achieved when human ingenuity meets technological prowess.

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Cybersecurity is all that you need to rule the hyper-connected world


Preparing for cyber threats while highlighting cybersecurity's broader importance in this hyperconnectivity era.   

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Radixweb is a leading IT Consultation and enterprise software development company delivering scalable tech solutions since 2000. With 650+ engineering experts trained in advanced technologies, our aim is to help organizations ranging from start-ups, mid-sized corps and Fortune 500s gain maximum returns on their tech investments.



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