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Dharmesh Acharya

Director & COORadixweb

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

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Software Engineering
Information Technology


I lead the global business operations at Radixweb and strive to serve as the ‘director of growth’. My core focus is on building powerful user journeys and delivering exceptional customer experiences through designing tech-first solutions/services and helping clients maximize their revenue growth through ‘right’ tech investments. I consider myself invested in developing a cross-functional workforce by upskilling resources to ‘above industry-grade’ standards with my technical and operational expertise.

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10 key brand strategies to build an affiliate or ambassador program

expert panel

Here's how to identify, recruit, and nurture the right people to share your company's impact. As it becomes even more competitive for brands to showcase their unique ability to provide consumer value over similar products and services, storytelling continues to grow as a key component in how companies deliver their narratives to current and prospective clients.  What better way to leverage an organization's background, mission, goals, and achievements than through a dedicated affiliate program featuring brand ambassadors who are just as passionate about all the things the brand represents and how it has made a difference in their lives? If you're ready to launch an affiliate or brand ambassador program to elevate your business offerings in the marketplace here are 10 ideas to consider, courtesy of Fast Company Executive Board members.

Sustainable design ideas: 9 renovation tips for your next location

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Smarter, greener solutions to expand your business and save money. Leading a business that is still thriving and relevant to its consumers in today's tight economy is no easy feat. Having the bandwidth to launch a second brick-and-mortar location to serve a different target audience in another location is even more remarkable, but there are certain details that, if implemented correctly, can help companies save on the lifecycle of projected building costs over the long term. Below, nine Fast Company Executive Board members each offer a sustainable design idea for the architectural renovation plans for the space. They also discuss some of the structural pitfalls to watch out for.

17 ideas to enhance your company's physical and virtual workspace

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Putting these solutions into practice can increase employee productivity, collaboration, and communication. One of the best benefits of hybrid-remote work opportunities is the flexibility given to change your workspace environment as needed. But whether employees are required to be at the office headquarters three days a week or are working remotely every day, the management team needs to keep team morale up and communication flowing to help the company succeed.  Below, 17 experts from Fast Company Executive Board each provide one creative way company leaders can redesign their physical or virtual workspace to increase team productivity and motivation.

How to drive sustainable business growth with the potential of data


Here's how data can help you unleash new possibilities, stimulate innovation, and attain sustainable growth.

How strategic agility can help you lead the dynamic digital curve


Strategic agility is not simply a buzzword; it is embracing change like an old friend.

Artificial intelligence de-hyped: Navigating through its realities and opportunities


This thrilling journey into a new era defined by artificial intelligence should be embraced—not with fear or apprehension but excitement for what can be achieved when human ingenuity meets technological prowess.

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Radixweb is a leading IT Consultation and enterprise software development company delivering scalable tech solutions since 2000. With 650+ engineering experts trained in advanced technologies, our aim is to help organizations ranging from start-ups, mid-sized corps and Fortune 500s gain maximum returns on their tech investments.



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Software Engineering
Enterprise Software
Information Technology

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501 - 1,000

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