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Edoardo De Martin

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British Columbia, Canada Area

My passion has always been to inspire and coach leadership teams and individuals to reach their highest potential. In my role as President and Chief Technology Officer at CubicFarms, we’re building toward democratizing and localizing the growing of fresh food for people and livestock. I understand how positive relationships and sense of community can drive high performing teams. This philosophy has been my guiding principle in creating cultures that are truly value centered, flexible, and where success is based on achieving results through healthy interdependent relationships.


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September 8th, 2022

3 ways to keep your team on track when the economy is a mess

Difficult economic times call for proactive leadership. 

June 15th, 2022

My job is to unite an incredibly diverse team. Data is our common language

Data has always been a unifying source of truth, a way teams can push past their differences to align on a goal in a universal language. The beauty of data is that it presents a clear and measurable goal, as well as a path to getting there.



CubicFarm Systems Corp. is an award-winning technology company, founded by farmers. At CubicFarms, we believe that long-chain food dependence and farmer unpredictability are dangerous. Our team is passionate about creating technologies to help farmers to keep growing, sustainably. We have two indoor growing technologies – one for fresh produce (CubicFarm System) and one for fresh livestock feed (HydroGreen Grow System). Our local chain agriculture technologies shorten the supply chain, minimize the use of natural resources, and maximize cubic space. We help farmers to grow more with less (less land, water, energy, and labour) 365 days a year, anywhere.


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