Efrat Ravid

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Efrat Ravid

Chief Marketing Officer

Quantum Metric

Colorado Springs, Colorado Area

Efrat joined Quantum Metric as the Chief Marketing Officer, driving the company's branding strategy, product visibility, and demand generation. Previously, as the first employee of ContentSquare Americas, she was the key force behind building talent and brand presence in the US. Over the last decade, Efrat has served as CMO at several technology companies and led teams in developing unique messaging, valuable content, and memorable digital experiences. She is passionate about partnering directly with customers to improve not only the product but also the entire user journey. You can reach out to her at eravid@quantummetric.com.


  • Category Creation
  • Messaging
  • Growth Marketing


March 23rd, 2023

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Quantum Metric

Today’s digital products change faster than ever. But many companies aren’t built to move with speed. Data is siloed, teams take too long to prioritize, and impact is hard to quantify. We want to change that. That’s why we built Quantum Metric and why we believe in Continuous Product Design—a fundamentally new approach that helps organizations deliver digital products that have greater impact, with speed and confidence.


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