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Emily Howard

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Albuquerque, NM

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I am the Founder/President of Cheetah Strategy, a brand & business consulting firm that provides companies with accessible strategic thinking and extra brainpower. Throughout my career, I led private, government, non-profit, and Tribal organizations in developing and implementing business, brand, and marketing strategies. I am adept at bringing order to chaos. On a more personal note, I am a proud mom and wife, sports fan, pizza-lover, occasional vodka gimlet drinker, weekend warrior, and a TCU alum/letterwinner. I am a co-founder/co-host of the "Start Bragging" movement/podcast, which was started to shine a positive light on all things Albuquerque. I also enjoy serving my community through various board positions and participation in member organizations. I admire Michael Jordan and Georgia O’Keeffe for their tenacity. I am a bit competitive and very grateful.

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Cheetah Strategy provides “on-call” strategic brand and business consulting services to help growing organizations turn their vision into reality. Through in-depth analysis, methodical planning, and the creation of action plans, Cheetah Strategy assists organizations with achieving their strategic goals by offering a fresh, outside perspective. Built on a strong business and marketing foundation, Cheetah Strategy offers solutions with the internal and external customers in mind. Services include: Strategic Analysis & Planning • Business Strategy & Action Plans • Meeting Facilitation • Brand Audits & Brand Strategies • Marketing Plans & Playbooks • Organizational Chart Analysis • Creative Problem Solving


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