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I am the Founder/President of Cheetah Strategy, a brand & business consulting firm that provides companies with accessible strategic thinking and extra brainpower. Throughout my career, I led private, government, non-profit, and Tribal organizations in developing and implementing business, brand, and marketing strategies. I am adept at bringing order to chaos. On a more personal note, I am a proud mom and wife, sports fan, pizza-lover, occasional vodka gimlet drinker, weekend warrior, and a TCU alum/letterwinner. I am a co-founder/co-host of the "Start Bragging" movement/podcast, which was started to shine a positive light on all things Albuquerque. I also enjoy serving my community through various board positions and participation in member organizations. I admire Michael Jordan and Georgia O’Keeffe for their tenacity. I am a bit competitive and very grateful.


May 22nd, 2023

Internal communications can make or break your strategic plan

Proper internal communication can help to not only empower an organization to be more strategic, but also to be more connected.

May 19th, 2023

20 ways business professionals handle loss in an uncertain marketplace

Now is the time to: reflect and pivot boldly toward your continued career growth and success.


Cheetah Strategy

Cheetah Strategy provides “on-call” strategic brand and business consulting services to help growing organizations turn their vision into reality. Through in-depth analysis, methodical planning, and the creation of action plans, Cheetah Strategy assists organizations with achieving their strategic goals by offering a fresh, outside perspective. Built on a strong business and marketing foundation, Cheetah Strategy offers solutions with the internal and external customers in mind. Services include: Strategic Analysis & Planning • Business Strategy & Action Plans • Meeting Facilitation • Brand Audits & Brand Strategies • Marketing Plans & Playbooks • Organizational Chart Analysis • Creative Problem Solving


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