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I am the Founder/President of Cheetah Strategy, a brand & business consulting firm that provides companies with accessible strategic thinking and extra brainpower. Throughout my career, I led private, government, non-profit, and Tribal organizations in developing and implementing business, brand, and marketing strategies. I am adept at bringing order to chaos. On a more personal note, I am a proud mom and wife, sports fan, pizza-lover, occasional vodka gimlet drinker, weekend warrior, and a TCU alum/letterwinner. I am a co-founder/co-host of the "Start Bragging" movement/podcast, which was started to shine a positive light on all things Albuquerque. I also enjoy serving my community through various board positions and participation in member organizations. I admire Michael Jordan and Georgia O’Keeffe for their tenacity. I am a bit competitive and very grateful.

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15 ways to develop a healthier mindset in the workplace

expert panel

Remember that there is light at the end of the journey. There are ups and downs along every business journey, and you won't always see eye to eye with everyone sitting at the table. However, keeping an open mind being willing to take suggestions, and fostering a team dynamic that promotes inclusiveness, giving each team member a voice is a chance to boost team morale and support, especially when the company is facing challenges. Below, 15 experts from Fast Company Executive Board each provide one strategy to help leaders develop a healthy growth mindset that will enable them (and their teams) to embrace challenges and find solutions to their business or client's problems.

17 ideas to express employee appreciation during the holidays

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Are your traditional gift-giving gestures getting stale? The holiday season is the perfect time to spread more cheer by demonstrating to your dedicated employees how much you appreciate their efforts to help keep a well-organized business up and running. If your leadership team is all tapped out of original gift-giving ideas for their team this year, then try one of the following ideas that 17 experts from Fast Company Executive Board highly recommend to show gratitude for the hard work their staff members continue to put in throughout the year. 

10 ways a vision board can elevate focus and eliminate distractions

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Here's how thought leaders are setting and achieving their short- and long-term goals—creatively. You can do it too. Whether you are planning your business career and the goals that you intend to accomplish or are thinking about certain expectations you have set for yourself in terms of personal aspirations outside of the 9-to-5 hustle and bustle, it's important to develop a plan and put it into action. You should also consider the process of writing it down on paper to keep it on your radar on a daily basis.  A vision board is a creative way to keep yourself inspired and flesh out your ideas and potential pathways to realizing your goals. To spark your ability to remain laser-focused and not give up on your path to success, experts from Fast Company Executive Board share how making a vision board inspires their determination and encourages them not to give up on themselves or their dreams. 

Bringing a marketing mindset to strategic planning


When it comes to strategic planning, business leaders should have a marketing mindset. Keeping customers' needs and wants should always be top of mind.

6 ways to battle that lonely CEO feeling


A challenge many business leaders have in common is that their role as CEO, president, or executive director can make them feel lonely and isolated at times.

16 ways to recover, regroup, and reset business objectives and goals

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Here's what to do when the best-laid business plans of leadership and teams suddenly go awry.  For many business leaders and their teams, the month of August is an essential time for them to assess how the first half of the year went. Are the current strategies that they have in place really working? It's also a time to set (or reset) their goals and objectives for the upcoming year.  Keeping all that in mind, sometimes plans, unfortunately, fall by the wayside or may require some unexpected tweaking depending on external factors like market conditions, customer needs, or technological innovation. That's why it's important to remain flexible and have an open mind about how to pivot correctly when necessary, considering the current situation of your department or organization. Here, 16 Fast Company Executive Board members offer their solutions to help other business leaders and teams stay focused even when their initial plans begin to get sidetracked or fail altogether.

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Cheetah Strategy provides “on-call” strategic brand and business consulting services to help growing organizations turn their vision into reality. Through in-depth analysis, methodical planning, and the creation of action plans, Cheetah Strategy assists organizations with achieving their strategic goals by offering a fresh, outside perspective. Built on a strong business and marketing foundation, Cheetah Strategy offers solutions with the internal and external customers in mind. Services include: Strategic Analysis & Planning • Business Strategy & Action Plans • Meeting Facilitation • Brand Audits & Brand Strategies • Marketing Plans & Playbooks • Organizational Chart Analysis • Creative Problem Solving


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