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Eric Best is a serial entrepreneur, CEO, executive leader and 20-year commerce visionary with strategic exits to, Liberty Interactive and the public markets (NASDAQ). He was previously CSO at CommerceHub through its IPO, CEO and founder at Mercent and Morse Best Innovation, and cofounder at Impresys, Emercis, and MindCorps. Eric is a husband, dad, swimmer, urban gardener and aspiring DJ.


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July 22nd, 2022

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The SoundCommerce data platform drives profitable growth, customer experience and lifetime value across retail systems and channels — from first click to doorstep delivery. SoundCommerce works with retail brands’ existing technology stack to transform customer experience across marketing, merchandising, supply, fulfillment, delivery, and customer service. The data platform tracks real-time operational events, profitability and customer lifetime value to drive decisions and actions fundamental to cross-channel and direct-to-consumer success. Founded by Amazon veterans and backed by leading venture capital investors, SoundCommerce is headquartered in Seattle.


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