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Eric Brown is a motivational and visionary leader with a robust 24-year military career. After starting in the U.S. Army, Eric quickly worked his way up from the lowest level to achieve status as a Green Beret in 2002. With 20 years of Special Forces experience, Eric has gained expertise spanning strategic planning, cross-cultural communication, operations management, program development, and team building. Across his career, Eric has worked with 7th SFG(A) and completed 12 global deployments, including in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Brazil, Colombia, Djibouti, Guyana, and Kuwait. These global experiences equipped Eric with a unique blend of skills, including change management, crisis management, to strategic planning, and team leadership. As a Senior Operations Officer for the 7th Special Forces Group in the U.S. Army, Eric oversaw a 300-person battalion, conducted extensive trips to South America and the Middle East, improved the United States’ presence and bilateral relations across South America, and enhanced readiness of deploying units in South and Central America through international exercises. In addition to his expertise gained from the military, Eric has brought his talents to the business world. In 2015, Eric expanded a franchise cryotherapy business from California to Florida, overseeing the start-up’s expansion and ultimate sale at 10% over acquisition cost.Today, Eric blends his high business acumen and military background to support C-suite, executive leaders, and decision-makers across the private sector to solve complex business problems and achieve unparalleled personal and team success. As the Founder and CEO of Imperio Consulting, Eric brings his multidisciplinary background to create customized programs and solutions for executive leaders worldwide. At Imperio, Eric leads a team leveraging the Green Beret approach to solve complex business problems and challenges. With a mission to provide CEOs and executive leaders with an unfiltered lens to build trust, overcome adversity, and achieve the extraordinary, Eric develops an individualized approach to team building and best in-class training programs. With no challenge too big or small, Eric designs and delivers one-on-one consulting, half-,three-, and seven-day problem solving adventures, and one-week guided excursions to help business leaders and teams unlock their potential. Eric’s professional experience is complemented by a Master of Science in Defense Analysis from Naval Postgraduate School. He additionally possesses a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management from Liberty University. Eric was awarded the Defense Meritorious Service Medal in 2019 for leading multinational operations in the Arabian Peninsula, as well as four Bronze Star awards for achievements and actions during multiple combat rotations worldwide. Outside of his professional experience, Eric enjoys spending time with his two daughters and family. He additionally enjoys hiking and has summited 10+ mountains including Machu Picchu and Pikes Peak. In his free time, Eric additionally volunteers as an ambassador to the Honor Foundation.

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The mission of Imperio consulting is to equip leaders to build trust, overcome adversity, and achieve the extraordinary through customized experiences focusing on leadership, team building, and high pay-off decision making. We draw from decades of Special Operations leadership experience gained under combat conditions serving global missions. We utilize experienced-based team building and leadership approaches to develop skills that are adaptable in any setting. Our customized off-site programs are creative, exciting, and personalized for each client's goals. Drawing from from decades of Special Operations leadership experience gained under combat conditions serving global missions. The Special Operations Forces (SOF) methods, are designed to evolve high performing teams, decision makers, and dedicated leaders. Our adventure-based activities focus on scenarios where individuals learn to work together using sound Green Beret planning and problem solving techniques.


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