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Eric Miquelon

Area President, North AmericaAvanade

Chicago, IL

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As President of Avanade North America, I’m proud to lead the sales, delivery and operations of Avanade’s largest business – guiding the work of nearly 4,000 IT professionals in the United States and Canada. In my nearly 20 years with Avanade, I’ve had the opportunity to grow from being a solution architect to leading Avanade’s operations in Europe before coming to my current role. I have lived and worked in multiple cities on two continents. I hold a degree in computer science from Northern Illinois University, and, in my free time, you can catch me working on my golf game.

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With unrivaled skills in the Microsoft ecosystem, Avanade's vision is to advance the world through the power of people and Microsoft. How do we do that? By providing IT consulting and services to organizations across industries, spanning health, manufacturing, retail, financial services and more – with 34% of our clients on the Fortune 500. We partner with each client to help them innovate, transform and accelerate their growth while creating exceptional experiences for their customers and employees.