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Fatima Al-Dosari

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Washington, DC

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I am the executive director of the Qatar America Institute for Culture (QAIC). Through art exhibitions, immersive education, scholarly content, and long-term partnerships, I lead our efforts to strengthen cultural understanding, dialogue, and appreciation between Qatar, the U.S., and the larger Arab and Islamic worlds. I was born and raised in Qatar, and my passion for communications, diplomacy, and different cultures began during my studies in international affairs and human development at Qatar University. I followed my interests to work as a strategist, consultant, and project manager for major media organizations, UN and governmental agencies, academic institutions, and corporations in Qatar and the U.S. My work focused on strategic communications, data analysis, and policy for topics including corporate social responsibility, particularly in relation to the 2022 Qatar World Cup. In 2014, I moved to the U.S. to earn my M.A. at Georgetown University’s Communication, Culture, and Technology program. I also have an executive certificate in arts and culture strategy from the University of Pennsylvania. I was fascinated by how history, diplomacy, policy, and communications intertwine in the rich cultural landscape of Washington, D.C., and I wanted to create an authentic space for diverse voices to be heard. In 2020, I refounded QAIC, shaping it into a dynamic force for cultural exchange and understanding.

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Qatar America Institute for Culture

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Founded in 2017, the Qatar America Institute for Culture is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that creates, curates, and executes programs and research that amplify the prominence of all forms of art and culture in society. QAIC cultivates artistic expression and cultural dialogue from the United States, Qatar, and the larger Arab and Islamic worlds. QAIC serves as a vital hub to convene artists, curators, storytellers, creatives, scholars, and academics, connecting them with a global network that extends beyond its physical space in Washington, D.C. Through art exhibitions, educational programs, scholarly research, and cross-cultural partnerships, QAIC provides interactive experiences in an inclusive environment to celebrate and appreciate art and culture.


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