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Fehzan Ali is the co-founder and Chair of the Board at Adscend. As Chair of the Board, Fehzan is responsible for driving the high level strategic vision of the company. Today, Fehzan is taking some time off to explore various industries and determine where to make his next impact.

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13 ways to keep your business relevant in a tough economy 

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If you're worried about consumer loyalty in the current climate, apply these business tips to help your company regain its confidence and continue to grow. To remain competitive and fresh in the eyes of loyal customers, lean in a little further to focus on the clients' potential needs. You'll be one step ahead of their own anticipation. As you continue to also address their immediate issues, remember to demonstrate your company's willingness (through your actions and gestures of appreciation) to be completely present and accessible throughout every stage of their journey.  By practicing these simple methods, you'll secure their interest, enthusiasm, and excitement about your company's capabilities to sustain them over time in today's marketplace.  Below, 13 Fast Company Executive Board members are sharing their creative ideas to build multiple revenue streams and upgrade your offerings.

Taming your 'strengths' in business

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When a personality trait is jeopardizing the establishment: 11 leaders weigh in on how to strike a balance that keeps your colleagues and company on track. If you do a quick Google search, one of the top 10 job interview questions is: "What are your biggest strengths?" It's an age-old question recruiters have been asking to help them determine whether to seal the deal with a potential candidate.  Making the offer to onboard a highly-qualified employee who is unafraid to take on new challenges, willing to pitch in when needed, give their all to the workplace, and demonstrates natural leadership skills, sounds like a no-brainer. But what happens when a strength suddenly turns into weakness—a major liability on the job? If colleagues are spreading themselves thinly and the company is complacent about setting up a sustainable system to enable daily workflow operations and processes to run smoothly, this is not atypical, especially when a company is thriving too quickly. Below, 11 Fast Company Executive Board members are sharing their best recommendations to ensure that the following strengths don't overwhelm your business.

12 points to consider when promoting your brand

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Re-assess these key elements of digital marketing. With so many advertising options in today's digital world, how can marketing leaders determine the best bang for their buck?  On top of figuring out a feasible return on an investment plan to meet company KPIs and create a loyal connection with the brand's target audience, the tides are quickly changing in the virtual marketing space. For example, stiffer government regulations are cracking down on the amount of access that a company may have to utilize certain data. Below, Fast Company Executive Board members are calling out 12 major risk factors that digital marketing executives are now facing and how to become better informed and prepared in promoting their business.

Here's how start-up business owners can satisfy loyal clients

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Trying to build a good reputation in the competitive marketplace isn't always easy. Some of the best made relationships in business begin with constant communication between a company and its client to establish mutual trust and a deeper understanding of each stakeholders mission and purpose. Being the new kid on the block in an oversaturated market may seem intimidating at first, but gets easier in time—once you crack the code. By learning how best to solve your customers' most challenging dilemmas, you're bound to become one of their most reliable resources, time and again. Below are 13 best practices that Fast Company Executive Board members have repeated to present a great impression (beyond the first) to attract and keep their prospective clients.

15 culture leaders share the best advice they learned from people who challenge them

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When somebody challenges you to grow and reach your potential, chances are you're going to walk away with an important life lesson. Throughout life, most people will encounter someone who challenges them in a good way. These people see the potential in others and harness it by pushing them to reach higher and work harder. While of course, a challenge will be difficult, it can also be a great motivator that helps others to improve in the long run. Below, 15 members of the Fast Company Executive Board shared some inspiring advice they’ve learned from those who have positively challenged them. They describe how those who tested their abilities and showed them they were capable of more have shaped them into the professionals they are today.

How C-level leaders keep up with the latest in technologies

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10 ways to maintain relevance in an ever-changing digital work environment. In an evolving virtual world, it's important for companies to stay informed about the newly developed system solutions and devices that are there to make the daily operations of a small, medium, or large enterprise run a little smoother. Whether you are a COO executive whose days are filled with back to back meetings, or a middle manager with a team of direct reports and other follow-up responsibilites that take up a good portion of your day, it's not an easy task to squeeze in additional hours to take a deeper dive into why your individual department or entire company should strongly consider investing in the latest platform, software or gadgets on the market.  That's why Fast Company Executive Board members wanted to share their 10 ideas for educating leaders and staff about the current digital technology updates. 

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Adscend Media LLC

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Adscend Media is a rewarded ad platform that allows users to earn virtual rewards, in-app currency, physical gifts, or digital premium content by engaging with brands, installing apps, watching videos, completing market research surveys, and more on our owned and operated properties or across hundreds of live publisher integrations. We are confident we will change the paradigm of advertising for consumers from a negative to positive experience, provide highly engaged customers to our advertisers, and help publishers monetize with significantly greater results.



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Loyalty Programs
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Ad Exchange

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