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Gangadhar is a customer obsessed, results oriented leader with 20+ years of experience in product & engineering leadership roles at all scales across startups, mid-sized and large companies. Gangadhar is the Senior Vice President, Product at Medallia, responsible for digital CX suite and cross-channel journey analytics products. Since joining Medallia, Gangadhar grew the digital CX business at Medallia, along with global expansion and integration of the digital experience analytics products, from the Decibel acquisition, into the Medallia Digital CX Suite. Gangadhar joined Medallia from Acquia where he was the Senior Vice President for Acquia Marketing Cloud, where he led the Engineering, Product, AI/ML and SaaS Ops teams. He grew the team by 50% and integrated 3 MarTech acquisitions there. Gangadhar was the Chief Product and Technology Officer of AgilOne, a Sequoia/Mayfield funded startup. He led the transformation of AgilOne to be the premier enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) through next gen replatforming and customer migration, leading to 10x increase of ARR per customer, and the successful acquisition by Acquia in Dec '19. Gangadhar held product and engineering leadership roles at Oracle, including as Vice President for Oracle Cloud PaaS, Fusion Middleware, and Developer Tools. He drove Oracle Cloud PaaS for SaaS initiative, leading 1000+ contributors across Oracle Cloud, working with the President & head of product development of Oracle. Gangadhar has a Master's degree in EECS from M.I.T., and B.Tech degree in Computer Sciences and Engineering from I.I.T. Kharagpur, India where he graduated at the top of the class.

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11 tips to help leaders avoid over-delegation

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Create clear expectations and communication so your team will succeed. To avoid burnout in the workplace, it's essential for every leader to learn how to delegate their workload before they begin to feel overwhelmed and off-balanced. However, it takes some time to assess who you can really trust to meet the same expectations and execute your goal. But once you find your sweet spot of handing assignments over to the staff members with enough bandwidth, sometimes the problem is relying on others way too much. It's not always a good practice to let go of too much, too soon. If you are having issues with over-delegation, here is what 11 experts from Fast Company Executive Board have to say about what they've learned about the error of assuming that everything is being taken care of when the leader is away or focused on other tasks. 

16 smart strategies for avoiding workplace silos

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Don't let your company's departments get cut off from each other and stop communicating about and progressing toward shared goals. In the early days of a startup, most team members likely wear multiple hats and have to pitch in together on a variety of projects. But as companies grow and develop, different departments may adopt their own project management and communications systems. While it may seem like it's a good idea for every team to find and leverage the tools and processes that work best for them, a drive for "departmental efficiency" can have the unintended effect of creating team silos. If every team or department in an organization is working with a different set of processes, systems, and tools, they may end up engaged in redundant work, overlook important tasks, and struggle to effectively communicate updates and needs with other stakeholders. All of these misfires can eventually lead to frustration for both the staff and the customers and clients the business serves. Fortunately, with the right strategies from leadership, it's possible to prevent the prevalence and minimize the impact of working in silos. Below, 16 Fast Company Executive Board members share their best tips and tricks for establishing a culture that values both maximum efficiency and productive collaboration.

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At Medallia we believe that every experience is a memory that can last a lifetime. Whether had by employees or customers, experiences shape the way people feel about your company. So we're committed to helping organizations create a culture that values every person and every experience—a commitment shared by everyone at Medallia. Learn more at



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