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Chairman of Palmetto Infusion I CEO & Founder of The Carolus Company | Investing in human and business potentialPalmetto Infusion

Pawleys Island, SC

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I am the Executive Chairman of Palmetto Infusion and the CEO and Founder of The Carolus Company. These companies are on a mission to improve the lives of families and communities in the Carolinas and beyond. I’ve built my businesses based on a set of core values - kindness, caring, laughter, and extreme generosity. These apply inside the business – with your people – and outside – with customers and suppliers. My career has been dedicated to providing health care that enables people to remain independent, and I have enjoyed a great deal of success in: home health care, home medical equipment, hospice, private duty nursing, home infusion, and Ambulatory Infusion Clinics.

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As an ambulatory infusion company with an in-home care segment, Palmetto Infusion was among the first in the country to believe that what we had to offer to patients—it was unique, and it was life-altering. That though we might offer infusion treatments for autoimmune diseases, what we’re ultimately offering is hope. Hope that despite receiving a life-changing diagnosis, and at times, an unclear prognosis, that a path to wellness and a real quality of life is possible. And that even in the darkest of moments, hope could be restored. Upon our founding in 1999, it was our hope that if we always operated with empathy, and followed our belief in servant leadership, that we would build a team of nurses, doctors, pharmacists, intake specialists, and frontline staff who take personal ownership over patient health and have great respect and admiration for one another. The business of restoring health is, after all, the business that we’re in. And though it might be our job to help our patients get well, our purpose is much greater. We are caregivers, we are problem solvers, we are doers, we are teachers, and we do what we say we will do. Palmetto Infusion is now in three states across the Southeast, with 25+ clinic locations and growing. We invite you to join our extended family.


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