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Gretchen Goffe is CEO and founder of DTLiveLab, a consulting firm dedicated to helping companies become customer-obsessed at scale. She has 20+ years’ experience in innovation in CPG plus regulated industries such as finance, and healthcare, with a focus on the confluence of human behavior, the possibilities of technology, and the need for business success. She previously served as Executive Director of the innovation initiative at Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business, where she brought best practices in innovation and thought leadership to the school’s corporate member base. Goffe combined those best practices with her deep experience to found DTLiveLAB in 2016, creating a novel way for design thinking theory to meet practice in live projects and interviews. The organization combines design thinking and empathy, enabling companies to grow revenue and deliver customer-centric experiences that fulfill unmet needs. Goffe says metaphors and analogies are her “second language” because of their power to clarify concepts quickly and allow people to connect to knowledge and experiences they already have. Illuminating complex ideas, supporting understanding, and facilitating empathetic connections drive Goffe’s work at DTLiveLab and beyond.

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Customer experience is the new competitive advantage. It’s no longer sufficient to merely say you care about your customers – you have to show it. At DTLiveLab, we help Fortune 500 companies become customer-obsessed enterprise-wide via an affordable and scalable framework that delivers immediate impact. By teaching a human-centered, empathetic approach to innovation and customer experience, we empower employees to contribute to growth goals while building customer revenue and delight. Our workshops feature a “learn-by-doing” approach that includes engagement rewards, live interviews, real-world examples, and a live-coached sprint that facilitates a change in culture: the creation of a system where customer experience is at the heart of every effort. We enable a team to build lasting empathy and design thinking skills, along with frameworks for action that team members bring with them to all future tasks. Whether your goal is to create a sustainable in-house innovation practice or develop widespread empathy and activation, employees emerge ready to remove friction points and grow customer engagement throughout your organization in as little as three hours.


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