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Irfan Khan

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Irfan Khan is the CEO and President of CLOUDSUFI and serves on its board of directors. He is responsible for building CLOUDSUFI into a powerful organization focused on eliminating the gap between “Human Intuition” and “Data-Backed Decisions”. Irfan is an Innovator and Angel Investor. An accomplished industry veteran, he has over two decades of leadership experience in large and medium-sized organizations. Irfan is recognized for building customer-centric organizations and driving business transformation. He has deep expertise in leading and managing turnaround growth strategies in business-to-business environments. His unique blend of experience in Strategic Planning, Field Execution, and Performance Optimization has helped shape organizations in building existing lines of business, launching new geographies and product lines. His decisive leadership has been a key factor in new market identification and strategic positioning. Before joining CLOUDSUFI, Irfan was the CEO and President of Bristlecone and was responsible for the record turn-around of the company over 60 months to a world-renowned supply chain brand. He has previously held leadership roles at Microsoft and Hughes Software, where he successfully led organizational changes and process improvement in markets across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.


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We exist to eliminate the gap between “Human Intuition” and “Data-Backed Decisions”! Data is the new oxygen, and we believe no organization can live without it. We partner with our customers to get to the core of their problems, enable the data supply chain and help them monetize their data. We make enterprise data dance! Our work elevates the quality of lives for our family, customers, partners and the community. The human values that we display in all our interactions are of: Passion – we are committed in heart and head Integrity – we are real, honest and, fair Empathy – we understand business isn’t just B2B, or B2C, it is H2H i.e. Human to Human Boldness – we have the courage to think and do differently The CLOUDSUFI Foundation embraces the power of legacy and wisdom of those who have helped laid the foundation for all of us, our seniors. We believe in their abilities and we pledge to equip them, to provide them jobs, and to bring them sufi joy.


  • Data supply chain
  • Time value of data
  • Health and life sciences