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Isabelle Guis brings two decades of experience in B2B technology marketing to her role as Chief Marketing Officer. Her extensive experience includes multiple go-to-market motions including SaaS, direct and through channel partners, as well as product marketing and management across the IT industry. She was Chief Marketing Officer at Commvault, a public data protection company. Earlier Isabelle was vice president of sales cloud product marketing at Salesforce, where she oversaw product messaging, launches and innovation for the Sales Cloud portfolio. She also held executive and senior management roles at Egnyte, EMCCorporation, Big Switch Networks, Avaya, Cisco Systems, and Nortel Networks. Voted a Top 100 most influential B2B tech marketing in North America in 2016, Isabelle resides in Silicon Valley, California, where she provides pro bono consulting work to local Bay Area public and non-profit organizations.


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