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Ivan Illán is a financial services industry thought leader and bestselling personal finance author. Inspired by his late grandfather’s career as a leading economist, Ivan began investing at age 13. As Founder and Chief Investment Officer, he leads the AWAIM® Investment Committee’s global macroeconomic forecasts and asset allocations for its ACGM Total Portfolio Solutions Suite™. Ivan’s economic commentary frequently appears in business media around the world. He is a Member of CFA Institute and holds the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) and Certified Fund Specialist (CFS®) credentials. Ivan earned a B.S. in Finance and a B.A. in Philosophy from Boston College.

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Comprehensive wealth management platform offering investment advisory and financial planning services through in-house, global macro managed total portfolio solutions to financial advisors and their HNW, business owner, and corporate executive clients. AWAIM ACGM Total Portfolio Solutions Suite™ demonstrates our firm's asset allocation decisions through its independently audited and verified performance history. AWAIM Alliance Program™ enables CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals opportunity for compensatory collaboration on referred clients.


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