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Jaden Sterling is CEO of SSP Software, LLC an award winning SaaS company whose goal is to bring Wall Street investment strategies to Main Street. As one of the nation's premier success leaders, Jaden consults with business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals to elevate their success quickly and efficiently. Jaden's clients are among the Fortune 500 including Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Investor's Group, General Electric and many other CEO's and business owners. While consulting with clients, Jaden draws from a track record of success, being added to the top 1% income earners in the United States by age 26 and building an 8 figure business by age 37.

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Creator of award winning software that is simple, proven and gets results. Built for novice investors to invest like experts. The lead judge at SaaS awards, Christopher Southall said it best, “At the SaaS Awards, we were really impressed with Sterling Stock Picker's innovative approach to investing in financial services. Sterling Stock Picker provides that expert level of stock analysis and combines it with future-proof technologies, such as machine learning, which ultimately takes the stock industry forward. We at SaaS Awards recommend Sterling Stock Picker due to its impressive results, which are outperforming the market averages."



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