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Love what you do or do something different (thank you Sangram Vajre) Be approachable and realize everyone at every level is human (thank you Michael McCunney) Everyone has fear it's how you mask it and overcome it that matters (thank you Darryl Praill) No need to talk about your expertise your work will speak for itself (thank you Vinod Muthukrishnan) I believe in serving a team not the other way around (thank you Kyle Lacy) I'm an avid learner you'll never be the smartest in the room (thank you Thomas Loving) Give without expectation of something in return (thank you Lisa Sharapata) I have a passion that runs deep for serving and growing the teams I am a part of. I am a business leader with a GTM, marketing, and data background. I am experienced scaling start-ups for high and fast-paced growth from Seed stage to IPO | Growing revenue impact at mid-market & enterprises | 20+ year track record leading and orchestrating GTM, growth, CX, data, culture, communities, and more. I am unconventional and creative but I am centered on results with numbers. That makes me pretty unique. Perception is bigger than reality and how we are perceived by others matters to me. I want to inspire, create hope, and help wherever I can. As a Board member in the PEAK community, an active member in Pavillion, and more. I am dedicated to the future of Marketing and helping marketers reach new heights. I love the journey as much as the end goal. I enjoy learning from those around me and building something that lasts. The personal side of me: I am a father of 4 with an amazing wife, this is what drives me. I am a sports enthusiast & Utah Jazz fan #takenote. I believe the biggest gap in today's world is our lack of being human even when there are differences. Author: Leading Through The Pandemic Podcast Host. 2x: Banking on Experience & Sweets of CX Community Leader: PEAK CMO

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Accessibility in the digital age should not be an afterthought


Accessibility is no longer a debatable subject—it is a subject that requires deep corporate attention to serve a very underrepresented part of the population.

Here's how to respectfully respond to public scrutiny

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In today's hyper-connected world, it's easy for criticisms and negative comments to spread like wildfire, potentially damaging your reputation and credibility. Being a company leader who is also a public speaker or author of books and articles comes with its own set of challenges. One of the biggest challenges is dealing with public scrutiny, especially when someone doesn't agree with your professional viewpoint or is upset about what you said. To help leaders face this situation head-on, a group of Fast Company Executive Board members explores some strategies for handling public scrutiny and saving face when dealing with criticism or backlash. Whether you're a seasoned public speaker or a new author, these tips can help you navigate the rough waters of public scrutiny and emerge stronger and more successful.

11 social media sales funnel strategies for brands to consider

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Apply these practical solutions to finding loyal patrons who are willing to support your company—financially—for the long term. How can business marketers easily convert emoji-likes into "real" buyers of their products and services? In the business world, the bottom line is that having a million followers on your social media pages doesn't necessarily add up to an immediate bump in quarterly sales.  You have to work for it, hard, if you want your establishment to become a true financial success, beyond comments or social gratification. To win consumer confidence and build their trust and loyalty, try putting yourself out there by sharing your brand's authentic voice. Then create educational content about your company's "why" for potential and existing customers. Avoiding the mistake of being too salesy is another fine way to strengthen B-2-C relationships over time. Below, 11 Fast Company Executive Board members provide other leaders with their tried and true methods for engaging with "friends" across digital platforms, encouraging them to go one step further through the sales funnel—putting their money where they spend most of their (social) time.

Apply these 14 tips to stay financially fit in the business

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Keeping a close eye on your cash flow is essential to running a successful company. When you are founding your first business, there are so many lessons to absorb—particularly when it comes to hiring the right staff members to ease the workload, so you can focus on your strengths. In addition to attracting a talented and trustworthy team, who can help move the company forward, staying on top of the organization's finances is a priority if you want to maintain and grow a thriving business.  To offer a few more suggestions to keep the business afloat, a panel of 14 Fast Company Executive Board members are here to shed some light on the top financial advice they've received throughout their journey. The following best practices have positively impacted their entrepreneurial careers. 

13 reasons business leaders are ready to resume in-person networking

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Leaders (and their teams) can see significant benefits from participating in industry social settings. In its earliest stages, the Covid-19 global pandemic forced business leaders everywhere to put domestic and international travel plans on hold and cancel their annual in-person conferences until further notice. As creative virtual teams came to the rescue with alternative solutions that went off without a hitch, on-site events eventually returned, slowly, in the process. Although some executives may be hesitant about re-engaging—even after a few years, others are excited about their upcoming speaking engagements or networking prospects alongside longtime industry friends and peers they have missed. Whether it's sharing industry knowledge with the next generation of leaders, landing a feature interview for publication, or identifying a future potential business partner, the following Fast Company Executive Board members below are here to support their reasons for returning to the main stage as a guest panelist and how being back in the building is impacting their continued career growth.

Launching a podcast? Try these 14 tips for greater exposure

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Brands that want to capitalize on the popularity of podcasts need a solid strategy for reaching and growing an audience. Whether they're business-focused, educational or just for entertainment, podcasts have become one of the most popular content mediums in recent years. Businesses can leverage the podcast format to connect with their customers in new and exciting ways -- but it has to be done well. There are already many popular podcasts out there, so your brand must be able to differentiate itself from the rest. Below, 14 Fast Company Executive Board leaders shared their best tips for launching a successful podcast to increase your brand exposure.

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Imagine the power of Alexa-like voice automation but for your business operations. Voice as a channel - that’s what we’ve created. If you think about it, Voice is fundamental to building that human connection with your customers. It instills trust in a way that email, SMS, and socials can’t… not even with the help of emojis. With Voice, you can stop hiding from your customers and start driving LTV in a new, and a unique channel - with endlessly scalable possibilities. What does that look like in reality? Think about your call center, there are always too many calls and not enough agents. With Voice, you’re automating the simple calls so your agents can focus on the complex issues - saving their sanity, reducing your churn rate, and satisfying your customers rapidly all at once. You’re providing spectacular EX and CX, while also saving money. It’s a no-brainer.



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