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Love what you do or do something different (thank you Sangram Vajre) Be approachable and realize everyone at every level is human (thank you Michael McCunney) Everyone has fear it's how you mask it and overcome it that matters (thank you Darryl Praill) No need to talk about your expertise your work will speak for itself (thank you Vinod Muthukrishnan) I believe in serving a team not the other way around (thank you Kyle Lacy) I'm an avid learner you'll never be the smartest in the room (thank you Thomas Loving) Give without expectation of something in return (thank you Lisa Sharapata) I have a passion that runs deep for serving and growing the teams I am a part of. I am a business leader with a GTM, marketing, and data background. I am experienced scaling start-ups for high and fast-paced growth from Seed stage to IPO | Growing revenue impact at mid-market & enterprises | 20+ year track record leading and orchestrating GTM, growth, CX, data, culture, communities, and more. I am unconventional and creative but I am centered on results with numbers. That makes me pretty unique. Perception is bigger than reality and how we are perceived by others matters to me. I want to inspire, create hope, and help wherever I can. As a Board member in the PEAK community, an active member in Pavillion, and more. I am dedicated to the future of Marketing and helping marketers reach new heights. I love the journey as much as the end goal. I enjoy learning from those around me and building something that lasts. The personal side of me: I am a father of 4 with an amazing wife, this is what drives me. I am a sports enthusiast & Utah Jazz fan #takenote. I believe the biggest gap in today's world is our lack of being human even when there are differences. Author: Leading Through The Pandemic Podcast Host. 2x: Banking on Experience & Sweets of CX Community Leader: PEAK CMO


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Imagine the power of Alexa-like voice automation but for your business operations. Voice as a channel - that’s what we’ve created. If you think about it, Voice is fundamental to building that human connection with your customers. It instills trust in a way that email, SMS, and socials can’t… not even with the help of emojis. With Voice, you can stop hiding from your customers and start driving LTV in a new, and a unique channel - with endlessly scalable possibilities. What does that look like in reality? Think about your call center, there are always too many calls and not enough agents. With Voice, you’re automating the simple calls so your agents can focus on the complex issues - saving their sanity, reducing your churn rate, and satisfying your customers rapidly all at once. You’re providing spectacular EX and CX, while also saving money. It’s a no-brainer.


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