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Blending deep tech acumen with a relentless entrepreneurial spirit, I’ve been at the forefront of shaping cloud and critical infrastructure ops for over two decades. I have dedicated my career to weaving together the power of AI, ML, data, and cloud technologies to propel businesses into their future. As the founder of Cascadeo, one of my proudest achievements was seeing Cascadeo land a coveted spot in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud IT Transformation Services. I am the architect behind the SaaS product, the pioneering GenAI cloud management platform that brings real-time, customized incident response plans and operational runbooks to the forefront, transforming how businesses handle challenges and operations. As a founding board member and past president of the Seattle Internet eXchange (SIX), I played a pivotal role in its journey to becoming the world's largest free Internet Exchange Point at the time. My technical experience has also lent an edge to HBO's Emmy-winning series "Silicon Valley" where I was a Senior Technical Advisor. My contributions extend to academia and entrepreneurial spaces, marked by guest lectures at the University of Washington, speaking engagements at AWS re:Invent, judging at the UW Dempsey Startup Competition, and participation in various investor forums. My journey is defined by continuous learning, disruptive innovation, and the pursuit of tech-driven solutions to business problems. Select Achievements • Presenter and author at AWS re:Invent 2022, NANOG, Zenoss GalaxZ, ChefConf, ISPCON, and w/ NetApp @ AWS re:Invent. • Invited as SME/speaker at conferences held by Goldman Sachs, Warburg Pincus, and KeyBanc Capital Markets MOSAIC. • Helped Nest Labs bring the learning thermostat v1.0 to life. Took live on launch day. • Built CenturyLink Cloud's global monitoring and analytics infrastructure. Massive-scale telemetry across 20 data centers globally. • Contributor to key media discussions, podcasts, blogs, magazines, and beyond. Leadership Insights • Pursue and retain top talent relentlessly. Nurture, empower, and trust the brightest minds. • Prioritize team well-being. Create a space where people build the company they want to work for. • Embrace the new normal. Foster hybrid work models and leverage GenAI technologies. • Lead with trust and autonomy. Micro-manage only in crises. Judge on outcomes. (ROWE) • Extend leadership beyond business. Be an active participant in volunteer work and community involvement. • Serve to shape the ecosystem by contributing ideas and actively participating.

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Cascadeo is redefining excellence in public cloud IT transformation. As a premier managed services company, Cascadeo offers services across industries and bring a collaborative approach specifically designed to help organizations scale for growth. With expertise across AWS, Azure, and GCP, the company can provide a comprehensive suite of products and professional services that enable clients to truly leverage the power of the public cloud. Cascadeo integrates with your team as a trusted partner and has been consecutively recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Transformation Services. As the original founder of Cascadeo, I lead a team of game-changers. We pushed boundaries, we challenged, analyzed, and learned from each other as we reshaped the landscape of cloud management and operations. The company's latest product, Cascadeo AI 3.0 is testament to elegant engineering. An evolution of the company's original cloud management platform, Cascadeo AI harnesses the power of multiple AI technologies, including OpenAI GPT-4 and AWS Bedrock, to deliver advanced, real-time solutions in a complex landscape. I'm incredibly proud of the ability to help enterprises design, build, implement, optimize, and manage public cloud deployments. From overseeing significant business transitions to driving cutting-edge technological advancements, I am honored to have led Cascadeo from inception to exit.



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