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An intrepid thought leader and futurist, I’m forever enthralled by the future of technology and the evolving relationship between people and robotic automation. I spend my time clarifying, exploring, and illuminating the pathway for corporations and leaders who want to feel confident in their ability to bridge the present with the future. I can still remember my first technology-induced “goosebumps moment”: sliding a floppy disk into an IBM 486 and printing clipart on a classic dot matrix printer on continuous paper complete with tear-away margins. Looking back now it was about as basic a tech experience as you could get. But I. Was. Hooked. These days I'm focused on how experiences will evolve, brands will be defined, and work will be conducted when everything around us is connected. You'll see me trying everything from connected coffee mugs to smart glasses. (I'm a walking Consumer Electronics Show.) I see a future where our interactions with the connected world around us will not only evolve, but these experiences will become adaptive: self-learning, self-healing and eventually self-generating. My team has grown used to me showing up with a few crazy looking attachments on internal team video calls every now and then, but what we do is fun – and a laughing team is a happy team. If I was to sum myself up into one succinct TL;DR it would probably say something like this: I love to dive deep into the unknown and help others do the same, especially when they want to see the future, but don't want to see it alone.

Published content

Who owns the metaverse?


This new supply chain is unlike anything we’ve seen before, not only because of the ambiguous boundary between the physical and virtual worlds, but also because of the questions of ownership and governance. 

Integrating the metaverse into omnichannel retail


The relationship between physical and digital commerce hasn’t always been smooth, but we’ve seen a paradigm shift emphasizing the importance of bridging the physical and digital realms. 

Here's how to connect corporate growth with social responsibility

expert panel

14 ways business leaders are improving their efforts to walk the talk. When was the last time your company's leadership took time to review its driven purpose as it relates to social responsibilities? If it's been a while, then chances are it may be time to expand on the organization's code of ethics—as your workforce continues to grow into a more diversified and inclusive space.  Below, 14 Fast Company Executive Board members offer tips that will help managers maintain an open mind and evolve their mission to reflect the current climate and culture.

Making sense of the metaverse


By its very nature, the metaverse is a limitless space, and brands and retailers are scrambling to adopt the new technology—even while trying to understand its business applications and true potential.

Here's how to navigate a seamless brand marketing presence

expert panel

15 leaders weigh in on meeting consumers where they live. Despite the thriving and evolving digital economy, leaders still need to strike a healthy balance between their company's online and offline presence if they want their business to remain relevant to current and prospective customers. To enhance your daily presence in their personal or professional lives, it's also essential to listen so you'll understand their needs because that will help you come up with some of the best solutions that are well timed and informative. Below are 15 additional tips, from members of Fast Company Executive Board to equip you with the essential tools to stay authentic and active in your targeted communities.

Avoid the post-holiday blues with these 16 positivity strategies

expert panel

If you want to keep morale high and avoid a slump after the holidays, here's how to encourage positivity and cheer among your team. During the holiday season, employees are often excited about seeing their families, taking time off and relaxing before the start of a new year. It's difficult, however, to carry this spirit into the new year when employees have to go back to a normal work schedule in January. Leaders can take the initiative to change this mindset by doing small things to support employees, such as supporting their personal goals through company-sponsored gym memberships or having more frequent happy hours. To help, Fast Company Executive Board members shared some effective ideas for encouraging cheer and positivity post-holidays and into the new year.

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Orium is North America’s leading composable commerce consultancy and system integrator. We help ambitious commerce and retail brands execute, innovate, and transform more quickly, enabling them to deliver engaging customer experiences and scale their brands across channels through careful curation of MACH technologies.



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