Jessica Bowman

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Jessica Bowman

Executive Director

Plant Based Products Council

Washington D.C. Metro Area

Jessica Bowman serves as the Plant Based Products Council’s (PBPC) Executive Director, where she leads the organization’s efforts in advocating for the expanded use of renewable, plant-based materials to help guide the global economy toward a circular model. Jessica joined PBPC in 2019 to provide the growing bioeconomy with an industry voice for both policy advocacy and education on Capitol Hill and beyond. She collaborates with PBPC members, which include early-phase startups and Fortune 500 companies, on their sustainability efforts, legislative priorities, and awareness initiatives. As an engineer and lawyer, Jessica plays a unique role in bridging the gap between today’s biobased innovations and policies that encourage their broader adoption, including legislation that supports more robust end-of-life infrastructure such as composting and recycling.


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December 23rd, 2022

Why you shouldn’t be intimidated by circularity and how your business can achieve it

Achieving circularity may seem intimidating, but it’s a goal that corporations can make progress toward today.


Plant Based Products Council

PBPC is an association of like-minded organizations who are advocating for a shift toward a more circular bioeconomy through greater adoption of renewable, plant-based materials supported by appropriate end-of-life infrastructure. We educate stakeholders and advocate for programs and policies that will support growth of the plant-based products industry, helping to harness its environmental and economic potential to deliver a more sustainable future.


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