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John is the COO of M3 Design, a strategic product development firm based in Austin, TX. At M3, John has led ongoing programs for strategic clients such as Stryker, DJO Surgical, Argon Medical, and many others. Before joining M3 Design, John worked at Amedica and Sulzer Orthopedics, leading R&D teams and development projects for spine, knee, shoulder, and hip implants and instrumentation. John has a Biomedical Engineering degree from Northwestern University and holds multiple patents. In addition, he has presented at national and regional conferences and written on various product development topics. John is a driven leader and individual contributor during research, conceptual, detail development, and post-market launch support. He has a strong history of growing talent and teams, setting strategic directions and establishing processes. He regularly competes in BBQ competitions across the country in his spare time, and his colleagues are always very grateful for the leftovers and homebrewed beer he frequently brings into the office.

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Founded in 1996, M3 Design is a product development firm specializing in design, engineering, strategy and brand. M3 is a team of highly strategic designers and engineers who work together to create products that inspire the future of healthcare, lifestyle and workplace brands. We believe that product development is a tool to solve a business objective and we deliver exceptional product offerings and experiences for our global clients. Through our collaborative, stakeholder-centered design process, we challenge convention to set our clients up to be industry leaders in innovation.


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