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John Borchers

Co Founder & Managing Partner

Decathlon Capital Partners


John Borchers is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at Decathlon Capital Partners, the largest revenue-based financing investment firm in the United States. Borchers founded Decathlon in 2011, to advance the mission of democratizing access to growth-stage capital. Borchers saw that current equity-based funding models were inherently misaligned with the interests of business owners, and that too few companies were able to access growth funding on reasonable terms, with reasonable expectations. Prior to joining Decathlon Capital, Borchers was a General Partner at Crescendo Ventures, playing a leading role in developing the firm’s international presence in Europe. Borchers also worked in the data warehousing and predictive analytics fields where he held various operational roles including a two-year posting to Sydney, Australia, where he opened the first Asia Pacific office for a U.S.-based data warehousing firm. Borchers holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and a B.S. from the University of Richmond.


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Decathlon Capital Partners

Decathlon Capital Partners provides growth capital for companies seeking alternatives to traditional equity investment. Through the use of highly customized revenue-based financing solutions, Decathlon provides long-term growth capital without the dilution, loss of control and operational overhead that often comes with equity-based funding. With offices in Palo Alto and Park City, Decathlon is the largest revenue-based funding investor in the U.S. and is active across a wide range of sectors.


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