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I’m obsessed with making ideas happen and telling stories that inspire action My modus operandi = authenticity, intuition, creativity, and speed I scale businesses and mountains And I'm trying to live 10 lives in 1 🚀 CMO + Co-Founder at Trainual — the leading onboarding, training, and knowledge transfer platform for small business and growing teams. If you need a playbook for who does what and how, you build it with Trainual. ☕ Creator of BreakBot — free Google Calendar add-on that saves you from back-to-back Zooms by auto adding breaks in your day before you get overbooked. 5,000+ downloads and counting. 🎙 Host of The Stokecast — an Apple Podcasts Top 100 show about adventure, creativity, and entrepreneurship. 🏔️ Award-winning adventure filmmaker, outdoor content creator, and mountain athlete. Creator of Between The Peaks and Explore Inspired. NBC Spartan Race Season 1 competitor. 🎸 Singer/songwriter too. Music was my first creative love and where I learned the early principles of marketing. Find me at “Ronzio” on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever else. New tracks dropping in 2021! ❤️ Husband to a beautiful figure skater and dad to two crazy pups and a bengal cat. Past Speaking: - World Domination Summit (Portland) - American Marketing Association (Boston) - Afest by Mindvalley (Costa Rica) - International ACCT Conference and Expo (Savannah) - General Assembly's Travel Hacking Live (Boston) - Brooklyn Boulders' Startup MVMT (Boston) - Austin Preparatory School (Reading) - Vail Resorts (Broomfield) - VM Ware (Monterey) - RB Health (Key Largo) - The James Agency (Scottsdale) - Aruba Ascend 2019 (San Jose) - Running Remote 2019 (Bali) - HPE Ignite 2019 (Houston) - Springfield College Leadership Summit (Burlington) - BLaaStr Conference (virtual) - Onboard Summit (virtual) - Training With Empathy (virtual) - G2 Reach (virtual) keynote - Playbook 2020 (virtual) For speaking opportunities, podcast interviews, or other media requests—email

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Is remote work ruining creativity?


It’s essential to build habits and strategies that keep the creative sparks flying.

16 ways businesses can "humanize" their brands (no matter what they sell)

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Today’s consumers want to engage with the human beings behind a brand, not faceless corporations. “People buy from people.” It’s an adage that has never been more true than it is in today’s digital age. The online economy places near unlimited options at consumers’ fingertips. Even so, people crave real connections and a personal touch in their customer experience. Businesses must develop ways to reach people on a human level to convert online connections into sales. Both B2C and B2B companies will see better results if they’re able to show the human beings who drive their brands. Below, 16 members of Fast Company Executive Board discuss ways business leaders can humanize their brands, no matter what product or service they sell.

Leading a video meeting? 9 factors to watch for when you "read the room"

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Gauging engagement can be difficult when you’re meeting remotely, so it’s even more important to keep an eye out for telling signs of distraction. When the COVID-19 pandemic turned our homes into offices and classrooms, it also ushered in the era of video meetings. While the ability to meet remotely via Zoom and other applications enabled businesses and schools to function in difficult times, it hasn't always been an easy adjustment. When you're meeting with colleagues, clients, or students via a video call, it comes with unique challenges—including effectively "reading the room." When you're leading a video meeting, it’s can be hard to get a sense of how engaged participants are. You can't see everyone at once, and you can't hear the signals of straying attention, such as shuffling feet, creaking furniture, and sighs. Participants are often more reluctant to speak during remote meetings, and it's easier for them to quietly multitask. And presenters can't control the distractions that might pop up in participants' individual meeting spaces. Because of all this, it's important for those who frequently lead video meetings or presentations to be aware of the ways in which participants might be signaling their engagement (or lack of engagement). To help, nine members of Fast Company Executive Board share some audience cues to watch for in your upcoming video meetings.

13 tried-and-true ways to retain and engage existing customers

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Customer retention may be cheaper than new lead generation, but you need the right strategies to successfully earn repeat business. One of the first lessons business owners learn is that it’s cheaper to retain an existing customer than to engage a new one. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy—and failing to retain current clientele can lead to detrimental consequences for an organization. Fortunately, there are several simple strategies that businesses can use to help retain and engage their existing customers. Not sure where to begin? Start with these 13 tried-and-true tricks shared by the members of Fast Company Executive Board.

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Trainual is the training manual for modern businesses. It's a simple and intuitive training and process management tool that makes it easy for growing teams to get everyone up to speed and on the same page, fast. The app was built to help business owners, team leaders, hiring and training managers centralize knowledge, organize processes and SOPs, automate training, and create learning systems for building more scalable or sellable businesses. If your company or department is outgrowing what Google Docs, Dropbox, email, etc. can provide, and needs to have training and organizational content in a place that's fully searchable, easy to update, easy to assign, and easy to track, Trainual is a better way to organize how you do what you do. Because unlike those other systems, you can group your content by role in the organization, assign it to the right people, and track their progress so you always know that they're up to speed. If you are looking for a tool that's more affordable and easier to implement than enterprise LMS, there's Trainual. You don't need an expensive LMS to empower your people to do their best work, and you need something better than a Google Doc to capture your company's tribal knowledge. Automate your onboarding, improve your training, and don't freak out if someone puts in their notice! Try Trainual for 14-days free today.



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