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Kalyan Varma is the Co-founder & CEO of Almabase, which is a leading fundraising software provider for universities and schools around the world. He has over 15 years of total experience, has delivered a TEDx talk and multiple presentations at conferences in USA, UK and Canada. He is passionate about making education affordable around the globe and using a pay-it-forward philanthropy model to achieve that.

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Almabase is a leading provider of alumni engagement and fundraising software to universities and schools in the US. Almabase's mission is to make education affordable to everyone by growing every institution's donor base. Our belief is that there is a future where students have to pay far less tuition owing to generosity of alumni and donors, and they will pay-it-forward after they graduate. Almabase offers three products to customers - a digital engagement product that makes it easy for institutions to engage all their alumni using digital programs, an events product that allows institutions to manage their alumni reunions, homecoming & other events end-to-end, and finally a crowdfunding & giving day product that allows institutions to maximize their fundraising outcomes through gamified online giving pages. Universities and schools then combine data from all these three products to understand who to target and how to grow their donor base. Almabase is the only software in the world that is able to combine all the critical elements required to create a sustainable fundraising program for any school or university.



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