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During my four years in the classroom as a high school chemistry & physics teacher, I found myself using technology daily to captivate my reluctant students. Turns out teenagers don't love science... who knew? Looking to widen the scope of my impact on education and help other educators see technology as a superpower, I joined Packback in 2017 as an Experience Manager. Fueled by Packback’s mission and a deep love of solving problems, I became the Director of Customer Success in May 2021, followed by COO in November 2022 and then CEO in June 2023. When not working, you can find me in my kitchen refusing to use a written recipe or on the Lake Michigan path with my rescue pup, Missy Elliot.

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19 ways to enhance your personal and professional brand

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When it comes to brand marketing, elevating your authentic story as an individual is just as important as company branding. For the past decade or longer, the term "brand marketing" has taken on a life of its own. People now realize that it's not just about a material product or service; "brand marketing" is also tied directly to the individual who is trying to launch or further themselves in the marketplace overall, and not just with any particular company affiliation. In an unstable economy with massive layoffs, it's all about the person and the next steps they want to take in life—especially as it relates to their personal passion, mission, and goals. Here, 19 Fast Company Executive Board members each share their advice with individuals who aspire to elevate their personal and professional branding to become a powerful thought leader who creates and delivers highly impactful, memorable presentations through the stories they share with others—during the workday or after hours.

13 reasons for leaders to ditch their superiority complex at work

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Here's why humility and active listening skills are key to effective leadership. Behind every great leader is a great team. The continued success of that team and its ability to thrive, however,  also depends on the manager's ability and willingness to hear their employees out about the challenges they may be facing in the trenches or new ideas they want to bring to the table.  Developing an ego or coming across, more often than not, as a "know-it-all" in one-on-ones or team meetings may be a tell-tale sign that you have a superiority complex, which can ultimately lead your team to failure. The good news is that once you're able to identify your own behavior patterns and recognize you're not the only voice in the room, you'll be able to nip it in the bud quickly and effectively—once and for all. Here, 13 experts from Fast Company Executive Board share how and why it's so important for leaders to avoid a superiority complex no matter where they work. 

Why leaders need to evolve alongside generative AI


Even if you’re not an educator, you should not be sitting on the sidelines watching the generative AI conversation being had around you—hop in.

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Packback is an education technology company located in Chicago, Illinois. Packback’s mission is to harness the power of AI to help educators implement high quality pedagogy at scale. Packback’s AI-enabled platform helps students build and master foundational skills such as critical thinking, writing, and research. Packback's proprietary AI and machine learning technology provides inquiry-based online discussion and long-form writing support to over 8,000 instructors and over 1.5 million students, and is being used in hundreds of K-12 and higher education courses. Research at a growing number of higher education institutions has found improvements to students' academic outcomes, self-reported writing confidence, and instructor-reported writing quality as a result of their use of Packback. To learn more, visit



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