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Kerstin Recker Alexandre

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I'm a strategist and marketing professional, with deep experience building global partnerships through digital strategy and technologies. Strategic thinking is my superpower and I believe I'm a resourceful team leader and relationship manager able to translate across customer, organizational, and cultural barriers.


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November 23rd, 2022

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Here are five lessons both executives and everyday citizens can take from local newspapers.

November 18th, 2022

13 elements that are key to enhancing a company's digital growth

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September 26th, 2022

Five ways to identify misinformation

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Seekr Technologies

Seekr is an internet technology company that offers information discovery and content ratings by using AI to crawl, index and evaluate content using rigorous journalist principles to empower a more informed society. Seekr offers the first search engine that utilizes AI to analyze and score the quality of content, starting with news articles, delivering uncensored web results that identify misinformation and highlight real journalism. People are bombarded 24/7 with a deluge of information via TV, radio, social media, their smartphones, and more. It also means they are seeing more and more news with lowered editorial standards, political agendas and disinformation. And with hundreds of thousands of news articles published each day, often by people with little to no concern over accuracy, it is increasingly difficult to determine which sources can be trusted to deliver high-quality, reliable news. Gallup polling shows that trust in the media continues to trend downward, while an AP/NORC poll shows 95% of Americans believe misinformation is “a major problem.” The cost associated with this infodemic is huge. Fake news costs the US alone over $78B per year. Access to information only continues to increase in today’s chaotic and unaccountable online environment, and Seekr is on a mission to change this. We believe the need for people to have a dependable analysis of news has never been greater.


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