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As Global Head of Innovation at Cherre, we serve Fortune 500 Real Estate clients across all property types. We help developers, operators, investors, and managers/advisors increase productivity and profitability with our patented data integration and visualization platform. We are Patented Business Intelligence, used by large enterprise clients. Most of our current 40+ enterprise clients are using our platform to ingest data from 10+ systems and countless spreadsheets and external data sources and aggregate it efficiently, leading to a streamlined business intelligence tool for executives and analysts alike. Our customers cut down significant time creating reports for public and private investors, create holistic visual analysis to negotiate transactions and track their pipelines (on mobile devices as well), and build a competitive edge without having to train various departments and stakeholder groups in multiple new systems. NavigatorCRE is meant to serve as your data hub, where everyone starts their day and collaborates in order to make decisions in 6 minutes that used to take 6 days! Outside of work, I am Peloton enthusiast (find me! Handle is Kevin_Shtofman), a Dad (Avery and Lily), a dog dad (Milo and Jet), and happy Husband (Katie).

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Here are 11 areas to consider if you want to keep your business up to code. It's essential to remain compliant with marketplace regulations if you plan to stay in business. By doing so, your clients and partners will appreciate your credibility as a trustworthy brand. It also puts you in a better position when times are tough and when they are forced to make hard and fast investment decisions in a budget crunch.   Whether you are trying to comprehend individual state tax laws or trying to navigate how to handle data privacy restrictions that may impact your company and its stakeholders, it's necessary to cover all of your bases so you don't wind up in any legal trouble. Below, leading experts from Fast Company Executive Board discuss the market regulations that have been especially challenging for their organizations and how they were able to overcome the obstacles. In hindsight, abiding by these business requirements has helped some companies thrive even more. 

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Letting go of real estate data myths: How you can take advantage of new realities


Letting go of old paradigms can be very hard, but as the built world with COVID and return to work has proven, all “rules” are primed for innovation and improvement.

11 ways to elevate a ho-hum product or service

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Here's how to build brand ambassadors, no matter what you're selling. Getting your clients to stay on board while trying to attract a few more good ones, is never an easy task—whether you're trying to push an item that is older, dull, and irrelevant in the changing marketplace or promoting something you just launched. However, before you entertain the thought of removing a low-performing product or service from your company's portfolio altogether, experts from Fast Company Executive Board are here to advise leaders on their best strategies to put a fresh spin on your offerings that are sure to re-engage and excite a growing customer base. This promotes brand loyalty centered on your company's  mission statement and purpose.

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Cherre is a real-estate focused data management platform built for all asset classes and operations that integrates and aligns data, point solutions, and teams to streamline workflows and accelerate decision-making.



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