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Kris Pazhayanoor

Vice President DevelopmentTOTALogistix INC

New York, NY

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Supply Chain Management


Seasoned Supply Chain professional with a strong technical background. Decade+ experience living and breathing user activities in the order to cash cycle. Firm believer in process first, systems next.

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10 steps to recover your company from a cyberattack 

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Here's what to do if your business has just been hacked.  With cyber at an all-time high in today's marketplace, it's practically impossible to avoid putting your business at risk if you don't have the proper tools and a response plan already in place. But it's important not to blame yourself or your team if your company has fallen victim because you didn't see it coming. Instead, stop and think more strategically before you make any rash decisions about how to overcome the temporary crisis. Below are 10 experts from Fast Company Executive Board who can help you and your team implement the best strategies to come out on top and maintain credibility in the industry you represent.

15 hacks to elevate your knowledge as a business mover and shaker 

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Apply these tips if you're serious about developing as an individual so you can help your company grow. If you're trying to wrap your head around a difficult subject in business (or personal life) it is essential to become an avid reader, study from the masters, and ask plenty of questions that will help you in the learning process. Then you need to apply it. To give business leaders the right tools and tips to grasp a variety of topics they may be struggling with and not feeling confident about, 15 Fast Company Executive Board members are here to share their best practices to overcome any fears and doubts to help them move ahead and be able to share the information with others.

16 leaders discuss what inspires them to stay hopeful in business

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At the end of the day, here's what truly matters to some of today's top executives and entrepreneurs. As a business leader responsible for guiding others in today's unpredictable marketplace, at times, it is crucial to step away so you can take a breath, recharge your batteries, and come back to the table with a renewed perspective, especially when it comes to finding better solutions to handle a challenging situation or satisfy a client. Doing so can also help you strategize your next move and unlock your creative mindset.  To boost employee morale and foster a more supportive working environment, managers should encourage their colleagues and the entire staff to do the same. We asked 16 experts from Fast Company Executive Board to share their biggest non-business inspirations that keep them hopeful and focused with their heads in the game.

Boost your team's motivation with these 15 strategies

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Apply these tips to your company culture starting from the top down. If the business is in a slump it's important for team leaders to foster positive team morale to help their staff members remain focused on the big picture and their common goals. But it also begins with the attitude of the company's own leadership. So be the change you want to see.  No one person, team, or company is expected to be at the top of their game or feel energized about a project or goal 24/7. That's why experts from Fast Company Executive Board are advising department managers to implement these tried and true methods when times are tough, business is uncertain, and colleagues are feeling stuck or uninspired creatively.

The elegant solution: Enterprise software doesn’t have to be clunky and frustrating to use


Here are three things business leaders can do as they start toward finding a so-called elegant solution to boring enterprise software.  

14 best practices for the jet-set entrepreneurship life

expert panel

Apply these travel strategies to get the most out of your business experience on each trip. If you're a business owner who is always on the road, securing the next deal and connecting with potential new customers, it can be draining on your body and mind if you're not planning more efficiently and taking care of yourself on the go. That's why Fast Company Executive Board members are sharing their top 14 travel hacks to help other leaders find a better approach to building success in their businesses domestically and abroad.

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TOTALogistix INC

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TOTALogistix is a privately held corporation headquartered in Sparta, NJ. We helped define the Third Party Logistics Industry in 1991. Today we provide a wide spectrum of transportation and supply chain management services to manufacturers, retailers and distributors throughout North America.



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Supply Chain Management
Information Technology

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51 - 200

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