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Krishna Kutty

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Kuroshio Consulting Inc.


Krishna Kutty is the Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Kuroshio Consulting Inc., a boutique management consultancy, based in Chicago, IL. Krishna has 17+ years of experience in shaping business strategies and delivering top-and bottom-line results in complex, global, and heavily regulated industries. She specializes in supporting clients across North America on large-scale M&A/divestitures, turnarounds, process re-engineering, and digital transformations across the health care, pharmaceutical, energy, and manufacturing sectors.


  • Leadership
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Kuroshio Consulting Inc.

Kuroshio Consulting Inc. is a boutique management consulting firm founded by two minority and female entrepreneurs, located in Chicago, IL. We bring 38+ years of combined experience to serve clients across North America. We focus on providing practical and sustainable services tailored to your organization, at a reasonable fee, with a team that will support you from start to finish. Kuroshio brings a unique set of capabilities and services to support your needs: strategy development and planning; M&A and divestiture due diligence, planning, and management; operating model design and implementation; cost transformation; operational, functional, and digital transformations; and organizational change management. We serve client organizations in these industries: oil/gas; manufacturing; healthcare systems and services; pharmaceuticals and life sciences; legal services; and non-profit organizations.


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