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Kurt is an accomplished entrepreneur and serves as Chief Growth Officer of the media agency he co-founded, Ad Results Media (ARM). Kurt is widely considered to be a thought leader in the areas of marketing, business strategy, professional leadership development, organizational development and podcasting. Whether it’s developing growth marketing strategies for direct-to-consumer companies, creating multi-faceted business strategies for growth and/or optimization, or spearheading organizational development, Kurt has the unique skillset of being both a visionary and someone who has the ability to execute. He understands how to move businesses forward both from multiple perspectives and has the track record to prove it. Kurt is an entrepreneur and business builder at heart. Along with his day-to-day at ARM, Kurt has co-founded an angel investment fund where he has invested in over two dozen start-ups with the goals of helping other entrepreneurs reach their potential and advising these business leaders in their respective journeys. Kurt also serves on the IAB Agency Council.

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11 ways to boost your leadership EQ and gain employees' respect

expert panel

Apply these emotional intelligence strategies to improve your department and company work culture. According to a survey published by Statista Research Department, 52 percent of organizations have employed senior leaders based on their emotional intelligence (EQ) skills. The ability to gain the loyalty of the team you are trying to lead successfully often relies on your willingness to actively listen to the concerns and aspirations of your employees. It's only then that you'll be able to access your staff's support and strengthen the type of team morale that can move companies forward. To provide some practical examples of what this type of leadership approach looks like, experts from Fast Company Executive Board explain how elevating their EQ has helped them to enhance their team relationships for the better and made them more approachable and trustworthy—a leader that their direct reports can trust.

How to calculate the ROI of employee development


There is no silver bullet to measure the quantitative and qualitative impact that the investment in your organization’s employees will have on your bottom line. However, if you look at the various types of impact they have, you can begin to come closer to a tangible approach to measurement that should encourage even further prioritization and investment in your people.

16 lessons leaders have learned from a crisis 

expert panel

Your ability to weather a huge storm, in the marketplace, may also increase the growth potential of your business success down the line. Whether you're a CEO corporate executive addressing a corporate PR nightmare or a small business owner strapped for cash, trying to figure out how you're going to make payroll next month, a business crisis is bound to happen at some point so you have to be ready to face the challenge.  In the long run, taking accountability and keeping a cool head is one of the best ways leaders can avoid knee-jerk reactions and learn to troubleshoot the storm more effectively. Below, 16 expert panelists from Fast Company Executive Board will explain what overcoming industry obstacles have taught them in general and how doing so can help other company leaders improve their business patterns overall.

15 strategies to build brand recognition on YouTube

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Here's how to attract and retain long-term clients. If you are thinking about launching a YouTube page to increase consumer knowledge about your products or services, it's important to focus on the key interests of your target base and deliver that content consistently. Finding a creative way to keep viewers engaged with your company through a topic you are mutually passionate about is the perfect way to demonstrate your knowledge and establish further credibility in the marketplace. In the end, the goal is to convert your social media followers into new loyal customers, but it's not so easy. To assist leaders with these efforts to grow their company's business, here are 15 reliable tips, courtesy of Fast Company Executive Board members.

Navigating The Dynamics Of A Remote Workplace

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Remote and hybrid workplace environments are here to stay. Prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic, most executive leaders were accustomed to managing their employees in-office on a daily basis. Now, in the new and ever-changing virtual work world, some leaders are struggling to maintain culture and team growth like they once did.  In a candidate-driven market and with the “Great Resignation” still looming, many company heads understand that offering more job flexibility, real work-life balance, and substantial growth opportunities are key to staying ahead of the competition and attracting the best talent.  To help supervisors and staff gain confidence as they continue to navigate a growing remote or hybrid business environment, 16 Fast Company Executive Board members share strategies remote managers can use to help their virtual talent develop a thriving career and stay connected with one another.

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As a trailblazer in the audio industry, Ad Results Media (ARM) moves brands beyond merely being heard. ARM places breakthrough brands at the forefront of storytelling, forging intimate and impactful connections with listeners and their favorite hosts. With more than 20 years of experience, ARM effectively connects audiences with brand messages, delivering richer and more meaningful ROI in the form of reach, relevance and resonance. The company, with offices in Houston, Austin, Los Angeles, San Diego and Boston, is a leading purchaser of audio influencer ads nationwide and leverages strong relationships within the industry to connect brands with over 10,000 of the world's high-profile news, sports and entertainment creators. Be Part of the Story™ and follow along @adresultsmedia.


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