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The majority of my time is spent as husband to a beautiful wife and father to two little boys and a dog. Other fun facts: I love the color grey. I hate onions. I believe marketing should be responsible for generating revenue. I have an unhealthy obsession with my weighted blanket. B2B should copy B2C whenever possible. I have an abnormally large appetite for all things military history. I love the challenges of scaling revenue at high-growth, venture-backed software companies.

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11 ways to elevate a ho-hum product or service

expert panel

Here's how to build brand ambassadors, no matter what you're selling. Getting your clients to stay on board while trying to attract a few more good ones, is never an easy task—whether you're trying to push an item that is older, dull, and irrelevant in the changing marketplace or promoting something you just launched. However, before you entertain the thought of removing a low-performing product or service from your company's portfolio altogether, experts from Fast Company Executive Board are here to advise leaders on their best strategies to put a fresh spin on your offerings that are sure to re-engage and excite a growing customer base. This promotes brand loyalty centered on your company's  mission statement and purpose.

Stop being a micromanager with these 15 helpful tips

expert panel

Transitioning from a micromanager to a true leader can be difficult, but it's essential if you want to build trust with your team. When you're used to being in control of your business, it can be hard to delegate tasks that you've done well on your own. But with growth comes the necessity to hire new employees to take on projects you're no longer as available to handle. Micromanaging slows down workflow and creates a strained dynamic between employees and leaders. More importantly, it hinders the ability of a manager to build trust with their employees. To help you break this bad habit, a panel of Fast Company Executive Board members shares some best practices for becoming less of a micromanager and trusting your team's instincts. 

A six-year-old, a chess board, and a lesson in excellence


We must strive for excellence as individuals and as a team by recognizing that we all approach the path to excellence differently. But how do we fully understand each path? 

Is your business ready for a major rebrand?

expert panel

Here are 10 tips to help leaders decide on the best next steps to level-up business. If you're looking to upgrade your company's image or improve on the pattern of behaviors it is widely known for in the marketplace up until now, there are plenty of factors to evaluate before making a decision to promote the rebranding of your business. Be clear on what it is that you truly plan to accomplish and why. Then do your research even further to make sure it's the right plan of action for you now and if now is the best time to do it. By examining these few points, you'll be setting your team up for successful wins each time.  Fast Company Executive Board members advise leaders on how to start with just some minor adjustments to improve your business effectively before moving on to invest in a major overhaul that you may not be prepared for to move forward with as quickly. 

13 ways to create memorable ad campaigns that build business

expert panel

Here's how to stand out in a noisy marketplace. Running an effective advertising campaign is more than saying the right words to get people to buy into your products, services, and what your brand is all about. If you want to make the most of your marketing investment, then focus on the pulse of consumer behavior patterns and where they need the most attention. In addition, connecting emotionally and socially with your target audience members will keep them coming back to your brand everytime if you continue to share a purpose that they can relate to wholeheartedly. Below, 13 Fast Company Executive Board members share some best practices of how you can implement more creativity in your promotions and bring targeted audience members together who will support you every time.

15 smart social media strategies to increase audience engagement

expert panel

These social media strategies can help your brand drive engagement that ultimately leads to a loyal following and more conversions from your online content. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter allow businesses and leaders to connect to prospective customers with the tap of a button or two. But using social media well has become a skill that leaders need to learn to meaningfully engage with customers. It's not enough to consistently post content; instead, your brand needs to take the time to respond to comments, create engaging posts that resonate with followers and learn more about the audience's needs. Here, 15 Fast Company Executive Board members explained the smartest ways to interact on social media to get the engagement you want. Follow their recommendations to drive more meaningful interactions with your online audience.

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Jellyfish is the leading Engineering Management Platform that enables engineering leaders to align engineering work with strategic business objectives. By analyzing engineering signals and contextual business data, Jellyfish provides complete visibility into engineering organizations, their work, and how they operate. Companies like Mastercard, Priceline, ZoomInfo, and PagerDuty use Jellyfish to optimize the allocation of engineering resources to focus their teams on what matters most to the business. For more information, visit



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