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Lane is on a personal mission to help get middle class America out of the corrupt Wall Street roller coaster, after seeing his parents get screwed by the 401K & stock market promises. After personally investing in 5,000 rental properties, Lane is committed to sharing why this is a safer, higher return investment for everyday people.   He is the host of Simple Passive Cashflow Podcast, a top-50 Investing Podcast on iTunes and has guested on 200+ other podcasts. He works with beginning investors through the 5,500 member group, Hui Deal Pipeline Club. As a group, they’ve acquired over $600M in property assets using the techniques Lane shares with podcast audiences.    Here’s a copy of Lane’s media one-sheet which includes more details about him.   Is Lane someone you would be interested in having on your podcast? I’d love to connect you!   Interview cheatsheet:

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Here's how to keep a consistent tone in your external content

expert panel

If you're outsourcing your content creation efforts, it's important to ensure your brand "voice" is consistent. Successful businesses have clear, powerful messaging that lets customers know their values and what they stand for as a brand. The messaging these companies use doesn’t differ on each social media platform, either: It stays consistent, whether you read about the brand on Instagram, LinkedIn or other sites. Sometimes, when companies outsource their consumer-facing content, the messaging and voice don’t appear consistent. To ensure this doesn’t happen to your business, 15 Fast Company Executive Board members shared their tips for maintaining a consistent tone of voice, regardless of the channel. 

How diversity, equity and inclusion promotes business innovation

expert panel

To truly innovate and tap into your company's full creative potential, you need a diverse workforce with equal access to opportunities. Innovation in business is powered by unique perspectives and new ideas. At the forefront of innovation is diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Having diverse perspectives from teammates who come from different backgrounds ensures that your team approaches a problem from multiple angles and this can lead to faster resolutions. Diverse teams also adapt to changes more easily, reach more potential customers and offer the opportunity for ground-breaking change. As leaders in their industries, the members of Fast Company Executive Board understand the importance of innovating and the role diversity, equity and inclusion play in achieving it. Below, 15 of them shared the most impactful ways that DEI fuels innovation. 

Here's how to make key leadership meetings more meaningful

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Give the right leaders a creative space to help move your organization forward in the new year. As business heads contemplate on industry trends and begin to look at what's in store in their industry for 2022, now is the time to get executive leadership members on the calendar for some exciting brainstorming sessions that will keep the company ahead and move it in the right direction.  Some simple and out-of-the-box thinking may spark more productive conversations, support smarter strategic planning, and get fellow colleagues excited about the collaborative process in the year to come. That's why 15 expert panelists from Fast Company Executive Board are sharing creative ideas to make a memorable impression at your forthcoming meetings that will provide the most value for all.

Leveraging debt in business


Business debt can be a tool, just like your smartphone or the latest software.

14 ways to gauge customer satisfaction

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If you want to grow a successful business and be sure that your clients are satisfied, it's important to track their digital footprint and exposure to your brand—every step of the way. By doing so, you'll be able to quickly address any questions, concerns, or deal-breakers that may come up immediately. This will help in reassuring them that they've made the right decision engaging with your company's products and services.  Below, 14 panel experts of Fast Company Executive Board share practical ways to evaluate your customers' journey (without their direct feedback) and turn things around so you don't lose them.

If an employee needs a new role, here's how to find the right fit

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If a team member exhibits low performance but high potential, it may be time to pivot them toward a different position. Sometimes when a team member isn't performing well, it’s not because of their work ethic or skills. Rather, the team member may simply be in the wrong position. A good leader understands that a hard-working employee is valuable and worth keeping, and if that's the case, it’s important to find the right fit for them. To help you do this, a panel of Fast Company Executive Board members share some key things a leader can do to find the right fit for such an employee.

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We purchase apartment communities and improve the living conditions for tenants. As a result we are able to bring about strong returns for our investors looking to venture out of mainstream Wall-Street investment options.


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