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Lane is on a personal mission to help get middle class America out of the corrupt Wall Street roller coaster, after seeing his parents get screwed by the 401K & stock market promises. After personally investing in 5,000 rental properties, Lane is committed to sharing why this is a safer, higher return investment for everyday people.   He is the host of Simple Passive Cashflow Podcast, a top-50 Investing Podcast on iTunes and has guested on 200+ other podcasts. He works with beginning investors through the 5,500 member group, Hui Deal Pipeline Club. As a group, they’ve acquired over $600M in property assets using the techniques Lane shares with podcast audiences.    Here’s a copy of Lane’s media one-sheet which includes more details about him.   Is Lane someone you would be interested in having on your podcast? I’d love to connect you!   Interview cheatsheet:


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