Leigh Dow

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Leigh Dow

Vice President, Global Marketing


Phoenix, Arizona Area

Leigh Dow’s mission is to deliver transformational marketing for brands navigating strategic inflection points. She’s a change agent focused on what’s next, seeking out new ideas, and leading efforts to accelerate growth, build new business and increase brand value. Throughout her Fortune 100 career, she’s built a reputation as an information architect known for her nonlinear approach using critical thinking, intuition, and experimentation to deliver a more imaginative solution to a problem. Leigh employs lateral thinking to make connections between completely unrelated fields, leading to the generation of ideas that transcend existing structures. Leigh holds an MBA specializing in Technology Management and a BS in Geopolitical Strategy. She is a Board Member of the Public Relations Society of America Phoenix Chapter. Leigh has received numerous accolades for her leadership, entrepreneurship, and community involvement and is a 2018-2021 Business Journal Mentor and a Phoenix Business Journal 2018 Outstanding Women in Business honoree. Most recently, she was named as a 2020 Phoenix Business Journal Most Admired Leader honoree and a 2021 The Software Report Top Women Leaders in Cybersecurity. She is a contributor to the Fast Company Executive Board and The Phoenix Business Journal Leadership Trust. She shares the same Myers-Briggs profile as Darth Vader and you can find her on Twitter @leighdow.


  • B2B Marketing
  • Executive Leadership
  • Marketing Strategy


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