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Liz O’Donnell is the author of the award-winning book, Working Daughter: A Guide to Caring for Your Aging Parents While Earning A Living, and the Amazon bestseller Mogul, Mom & Maid: The Balancing Act of the Modern Woman. She believes that caregiving and careers should and can be compatible and she works with companies to: • increase engagement and retention of caregiving employees • build community and network • create caring cultures • optimize performance and productivity. Liz leverages her own experience caring for four different family members while working as a marketing executive, as well as the power of the Working Daughter community – thousands of women and men balancing eldercare, career, kids and more. In 2020 she created National Working Daughters Day, which recognizes the incredible contribution of the unpaid family members who are caring for our most vulnerable citizens and which is always on the third Tuesday in November. In 2022, she launched the Best Places To Work for Working Daughters program to recognize companies that support family caregivers and to raise awareness that we must do more to make care and career compatible.

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How do you produce your best work?

expert panel

Business leaders discuss which type of business atmosphere fuels their drive and creativity.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic began—and now in the new normal as it continues to be a part of our everyday lives—there has been plenty of debate between company leaders and their employees concerning return-to-work policies vs. hybrid or remote work.  However, it's not just about where you work best, sometimes it's also about how and when you are able to thrive the most and in certain situations. That doesn't necessarily correlate with the physical space. It can also have to do with the people you engage with on a daily basis, the trust (or distrust) you have in leadership, psychological safety, and the opportunities (or lack of) to take on new assignments with the encouragement and ability to advance your professional career. Below, 13 Fast Company Executive Board members weigh in on what types of work environments help them produce the best work and why they think that is. 

19 ways to be more confident in your role at work

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Changing your mindset will enable you to achieve more success. In the workplace (and in life), it's perfectly human to sometimes obsess over the three Cs—competing, comparing, and complaining—when it comes to dealing with others and reviewing how our own accomplishments or failures stack up. It becomes a much bigger problem when an individual chooses to stay stuck in that mindset because it can hinder them from moving forward in their career and personal life. Below, 19 members from Fast Company Executive Board share what lessons they've learned from their ability to overcome patterns of previous self-doubt, and how they were able to forge ahead to a better path of success. 

13 reasons why leaning into the right business alliance is a must

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It takes a village to grow your company and thrive. When you are just starting out during the first few years of a new business operation, it may be instinctive to keep your head down and focus on how to thrive in your day-to-day workflow procedures and how to deliver customer satisfaction first and foremost. However, it's also just as important to engage in strategic partnerships and collaborations that can impact your company's growth potential. The end game is learning to work smarter, not harder. Leading experts from Fast Company Executive Board experienced positive results when they took advantage of untapped opportunities that moved their businesses forward. Below, they share 13 reasons why business leaders should keep an open mind to exploring new partnerships that may be a good fit right now.

What employee caregivers really want from work


Many caregivers are merely seeking more compassionate workplaces, and simple gestures can help employees with significant family responsibilities.

20 tips to boost your brand's social media status and bottom line ROI

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Business thought leaders weigh in on their top online marketing methods. Storytelling in the business world is essential if you want your organization to stand out in the crowd. How can business leaders become more strategic as they plan their content calendars to attract potential clients and partners through the digital marketing space? Using social media to improve a company's brand appeal is often directly linked to building genuine relationships. It's also about presentations and being more intentional about how you connect with others. By doing so, an organization is more likely to create trust and loyalty over time.  Below, 20 Fast Company Executive Board members discuss additional ways to increase brand recognition and financial growth through business engagement on social networks.

Eldercare and childcare are very different—Does your benefits package reflect that?


In order to support your caregiving employees across all life stages, ask them what they need. There is no one better qualified to tell you.

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Working Daughter supports women who are balancing eldercare and career. through content, coaching and community. And, we help companies support and retain caregiving employees. Working Daughter serves a turn-key employee resource group for companies that employ family caregivers.


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