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I'm passionate about helping people reach their potential and thrive. As CEO of Knopman Marks Financial Training, I get to explore the intersection of learning, wellbeing and performance. Whether it’s advising with my incredible team about how to unlock student potential, advising financial firms about how to empower their people, or working with students directly to help them overcome obstacles, I bring innovative approaches to training in the financial industry. I’m focused on building a future where more people thrive. REMINDER: The key to performance in any industry is optimism and grit. Whatever you’re after today, believe you CAN do it and keep going.


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Knopman Marks Financial Training

With unmatched test results, Knopman Marks Financial Training is the leader in FINRA exam prep. We’ve helped thousands of candidates pass their licensing exams on the first attempt, and our pass rates are consistently above the industry average. That’s why the biggest Wall Street firms trust us to train their new analysts and associates. Our talented instructors have led programs on five continents and prepared more than 100,000 students for various FINRA and other licensing examinations. Visit to learn more about how Knopman Marks helps financial professionals prepare for their exams— and their careers.


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