Lonnie Buchanan

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Lonnie Buchanan

Chief Architect and Executive Security Director

Veracity Solutions


Lonnie Buchanan is the Chief Architect and Executive Security Director for Veracity Solutions, Inc. As an experienced thought leader, he brings extensive knowledge and abilities to help ensure alignment with strategic direction and Information Systems’ assets through standardization and collaborative efforts of oversight to the complete enterprise. Because markets and industry change at an exponential pace, business must keep pace with technology. Lonnie leads activities that bring agility, design, and adaptation ensuring technology meets business at the most optimum point. This effort requires a constant understanding of the intricate aspects of the enterprise, including the software development, data management, operational infrastructure, and business support needs.


  • Executive Leadership
  • Technical Innovation
  • Enterprise Architecture


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Our Passion is Helping Companies Succeed in Digital Transformation. Veracity Solutions is an IT consultancy and services provider that helps companies accelerate digital transformation. Companies turn to Veracity Solutions to leverage cloud-native development approaches, augmented with DevOps methodologies and advanced data platforms. We specialize in aiding highly regulated enterprises with stringent compliance and security standards, making us the ideal partner for those in healthcare and life science, financial services, energy, government and education.


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