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I work with C-suiters, and executives committed to +10X their outcomes for this search and then next. This is not their last career move, or yours. And with churn rate at the C-suite level, whether by choice or not, if you don't know how to prepare yourself today, your tomorrow will be more of the same. I specialize in hidden job market strategies that require more nuanced and uncommon abilities from end to end. These skills and reflect business philosophy and maturity are not available in any other place that I know of other than PortfolioRocket. And, this is 𝒆𝒙𝒂𝒄𝒕𝒍𝒚 why I launched PortfolioRocket in March 2020. Candidates apply Remarkable hires get found. 🚀 MY WHY: To replace the root canal of your career transition for the next position, and the nexts-- in order for enabling your career to be challenging, rewarding and fun. 🚀 PORTFOLIOROCKET works with the C-suite, Presidents, and other Senior Leaders who despite their success, six or seven figure salaries, skills & experience, feel uncertain (even clueless) as to how to best approach their next move – without compromising their values, compensation or fulfillment. ❌ WHAT DOESN'T WORK: Magical thinking, expecting that only an updated resume, executive recuriters, headhunters, or applying endlessly online is the winning career formula for your specific wants and needs. 👉🏼 WHAT DOES: A verifiable system that’s served nearly +300 Clients with tangible results like increases their compensation on average +67% and + 4-5X’s their ROI. 🚀 PORTFOLIOROCKET is a curriculum to learn now and use for the rest of your career. Action takers, not excuse makers, welcome.

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What inspired your career path? There are a variety of reasons why people choose to go into business or become interested in a specific career industry sector. Some would say that the key to finding your calling is to do what you love or pursue an area where your skills can truly make a difference in the lives of others. Here, 18 business leaders from Fast Company Executive Board weigh in on what inspired them to seek and maintain their current position as a professional in their succeeding organizations.

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Apply these best practices to strengthen your relationship as a mentor and partner.  If you're a leader seeking a great personal assistant who can help you elevate your business to the next level, it's essential that you take your time until you find the proper fit. Once you've succeeded at the first step, it's time to nurture the relationship by learning what drives them and what they are most passionate about—treating them like a partner in collaboration on your journey and engaging them in meaningful assignments. While retaining top talent is not an easy feat, here, 15 Fast Company Executive Board members share their best tips for training a high-level assistant that you can count on to work with you closely for the long term.

18 ways to find balance in your remote work life—every day

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Don't let your physical or mental health go by the wayside. Landing a remote career opportunity with a great company may seem like the ideal solution to help busy employees navigate their current circumstances, especially for those in need of additional resources to balance a job that they truly love with caregiving responsibilities or other challenges they may be facing at home. However,  it's more than essential to make the most of what a true work-life balance should look like when the lines begin to blur. Based on their own remote work experiences, 18 Fast Company Executive Board members offer their top suggestions for promoting the best physical and mental health possible while working remotely. To keep moving and stay engaged with others, try the following.

19 ways to be more confident in your role at work

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Changing your mindset will enable you to achieve more success. In the workplace (and in life), it's perfectly human to sometimes obsess over the three Cs—competing, comparing, and complaining—when it comes to dealing with others and reviewing how our own accomplishments or failures stack up. It becomes a much bigger problem when an individual chooses to stay stuck in that mindset because it can hinder them from moving forward in their career and personal life. Below, 19 members from Fast Company Executive Board share what lessons they've learned from their ability to overcome patterns of previous self-doubt, and how they were able to forge ahead to a better path of success. 

Seven meaningful ways leaders can cultivate a sense of belonging

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I'm passionate about all things growth hacking, leadership development, and inclusion—so much so that I created a conference, developed a game, and wrote a book about the root of it all: growing deeply human connections.  So, what does it take to build a company culture that fosters those types of connections? We all know there's merit to in-person interaction, but paying for office space and asking your team to commute every day may not be the answer. Instead, the same money that some leaders may put toward rent can be used for team kickoffs, company retreats, and interpersonal events. These activities are far more thoughtful and effective in building personal relationships, connections, and a sense of belonging. The key is to make any team gathering intentional, which ultimately ends up being more productive—and less expensive.  To help other leaders cultivate a sense of belonging, I asked members Fast Company Executive Board Company Culture, an online community that I lead, for their top culture-building tips.   

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Company bio is NOT recruiting or headhunting. We don't push jobs. We don't smush you into a position or company. We don't placate either. We are proof that your search can be a wildly fun, challenging, successful process. Sure it requires effort, but the all best rewards do. And if you're here, you know from hard work that pays off. 🚀 PortfolioRocket is a proprietary career curriculum to access today and use for life -- enabling you to GET FOUND for 80-85% of the opportunities NOT posted online, in the hidden job market while building your network for your future. PortfolioRocket is culmination of 30+ years of torture tested corporate experience -- immersed in the end to end process with candidates while partnering with demanding hiring managers. Clients land their next ideal career moves efficiently and effectively. ❌ Without wasting time sucked in by "easy apply" buttons ❌ Job boards OR ❌ With opportunities that don't meet their deeply personal criteria. Best of all they've scored coveted role at top tier companies like Netflix, Instacart, SalesForce, Sega, Kaiser Permanente, Salesforce, FCB & over 100 others with remarkable results superseding compensation alone. My promise is that you'll never approach your search the same way ever again.


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