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Meet Lydotta Leader, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Keynote Speaker, Teacher, Published Author, Wife, & Mother. Dr. Lydotta M. Taylor is the Founder, President, and CEO of L-evation, LLC and The EdVenture Group, Inc. Beginning as a high school math teacher, Dr. Taylor has built a career through her passion to teach and lead others. An entrepreneur at heart, she founded The EdVenture Group, an education consulting non-profit, in 2001. With her leadership and educational background, The EdVenture Group has implemented over 8,000 workshops for educators and impacted over 25,000 students. Today, they are leaders in family engagement, entrepreneurship, leadership, school culture, and youth programming. The organization has managed over $25 million in federal, state, and private funding. In 2011, Dr. Taylor seized the opportunity to expand her leadership and teaching to the corporate world, founding L-evation, LLC. Working with clients such as SRI International, CNA, Army Corps of Engineers, numerous banks, medical institutions, and small businesses, Dr. Taylor’s expertise in executive coaching, customized leadership development programs, strategic doing, organizational leadership, and personal development has helped businesses and organizations grow and prosper.

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The EdVenture Group was founded in 2001 by a high school computer science and mathematics teacher, Dr. Lydotta Taylor. Recognizing the need for change, Dr. Taylor has managed over $20 million in federal, state, local, and private funding to provide innovative solutions to common K-12 education obstacles. Today, her team leads customer-specific educational programming for a variety of educational organizations nationwide. our values The EdVenture Group’s core values of integrity, empathy, quality, and community help drive our visionary education programs in communities across the United States. Our integrity ensures we are honest, responsible, and build trust with our clients. Our empathy ensures we are creating with compassion, caring, and understanding. Our quality ensures we consistently exceed expectations in our delivery, dependability, and accountability. Our community helps us provide service to our clients, foster connection, and co-create. Combined, these intrinsic values help us build a visionary team comprised of bold, agile, problem solvers that innovate and reimagine education.


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