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Maddy Osman is the bestselling author of "Writing for Humans and Robots: The New Rules of Content Style. She's a digital native with a decade-long devotion to creating engaging, accessible, and relevant content. After teaching herself web design at age 11, she found her true passion in content creation—learning the intricacies while transitioning from technical to creative SEO marketer. Maddy's journey from freelance writer to founder and CEO of The Blogsmith yielded numerous insights to share about content creation for enterprise B2B technology brands. Her efforts earned her a spot in Semrush's and BuzzSumo’s Top 100 Content Marketers and The Write Life’s 100 Best Websites for Writers. She has spoken for audiences at WordCamp US, SearchCon, and Denver Startup Week.

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13 bad habits that keep business leaders from succeeding

expert panel

Get over yourself and trust your team. When you're a first-time entrepreneur who is trying to establish your company in the marketplace, there are plenty of responsibilities that will fall on your plate—anticipated or unexpected. You'll also need to maintain credible brand awareness, develop the right community of advocates to move your company ahead, and ensure repeat customers.  These challenges can be overwhelming if you don't have the right team in place. It's essential to build the strongest foundation of team leaders who can stand confidently and remain trustworthy in your absence. But your professional success also depends on your own ability to change old behavior patterns at work. To help guide your strategic action plan to improve workflow and remove distractions, Fast Company Executive Board members share advice on the 13 bad habits every start-up business owner may be guilty of at times and should eliminate from their daily routine hereafter.

5 reasons AI writing bots aren’t taking your job anytime soon (& how to use them)


Despite continuous and exponential technological advancement, AI tools like GPT-3 writing generators won't be taking over for copywriters and other creatives any time soon.

15 ways smaller brands can infuse philanthropy with their mission

expert panel

Try these simple ideas to build the right community partnerships that make a difference. When you're a small business owner just starting out in the marketplace, one way to expand your reach and build stronger, authentic community relationships is by paying it forward to others who are in need.  There are plenty of creative ways to get started if you begin to think outside of the box to develop a relatable tie-in that also builds on the company's mission and credibility. Below are 15 experts from Fast Company Executive Board to share their tips.

Boost your team's motivation with these 15 strategies

expert panel

Apply these tips to your company culture starting from the top down. If the business is in a slump it's important for team leaders to foster positive team morale to help their staff members remain focused on the big picture and their common goals. But it also begins with the attitude of the company's own leadership. So be the change you want to see.  No one person, team, or company is expected to be at the top of their game or feel energized about a project or goal 24/7. That's why experts from Fast Company Executive Board are advising department managers to implement these tried and true methods when times are tough, business is uncertain, and colleagues are feeling stuck or uninspired creatively.

14 tips to elevate business confidence in leaders after a failure

expert panel

If you're feeling overwhelmed or frustrated about a recent oversight on your part, relax, reflect, then implement these tactics to improve. As a business leader, when you think about failure, remember that no matter what the situation, it's simply a chance to improve on missteps so you can continue to grow, move ahead and make better decisions.  It's also important to change your mindset by deciding that things are happening for you, not to you. Once you accomplish this, you'll be able to choose an opportunity and commit to doing your best to get it right in the future. Below, 14 Fast Company Executive Board members share practical ways to leverage a failed business experience, reset your mind, and launch new opportunities to get back on track.

How I wrote an Amazon Best Seller in 30 days


Ultimately, the journey that led to writing a bestselling book involved trying to solve my own problems first.

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