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Marc Inzelstein

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Marc's professional career, from his early days as an entrepreneur through today, has been focused on his passion for leadership and human potential. After pioneering several companies including a leading management consultancy, Marc co-founded Indiggo with Janeen Gelbart, bringing together their joint passion for making a difference and catalyzing leaders and organizations to achieve their highest potential. As Chief Leadership officer, Marc draws on his extensive experience working with senior leaders and executive teams across the globe to maximize client success through the practical applications of the Indiggo Platform and proprietary methodologies. He is inspired by the extraordinary opportunities the business world presents for human development and for making the world a better place. Marc holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Management from the MBA Institute in Paris-France, and an MS. Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he graduated with distinction.


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Indiggo - Return on Leadership

Optimizing leadership capacity to execute effectively dictates survival and success for todays' organizations. Indiggo's proprietary technology quickly and easily drives and measures the optimization of the organization's most critical resource - it's leaders and managers.


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