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Marc Inzelstein

Co-Founder & Chief Leadership OfficerIndiggo - Return on Leadership

Washington, DC

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Marc's professional career, from his early days as an entrepreneur through today, has been focused on his passion for leadership and human potential. After pioneering several companies including a leading management consultancy, Marc co-founded Indiggo with Janeen Gelbart, bringing together their joint passion for making a difference and catalyzing leaders and organizations to achieve their highest potential. As Chief Leadership officer, Marc draws on his extensive experience working with senior leaders and executive teams across the globe to maximize client success through the practical applications of the Indiggo Platform and proprietary methodologies. He is inspired by the extraordinary opportunities the business world presents for human development and for making the world a better place. Marc holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Management from the MBA Institute in Paris-France, and an MS. Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he graduated with distinction.

Published content

The era of the "meaning-full" leader


With today’s talent challenges, meaningful leadership is something all leaders should embrace.

Avoid these 16 bad habits that can damage a leader's influence 

expert panel

Living up to their own set of standards enables managers to increase credibility, mutual respect, trust, and engagement with their teams. Whether it's a start-up business owner or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, it's important to lead by example if managers expect their employees to emulate the core values and mission they promote to meet business goals. Expressing constant negativity about the challenges of work is also counterproductive for leaders who want to encourage an open-door policy for communication and build a culture of psychological safety. Being an active and collaborative listener, who is willing to consider the ideas and feedback of staff seriously, also inspires trust and team morale.  Below, experts from Fast Company Executive Board are here to explain 16 behaviors that managers should aim to avoid, and how they can improve on breaking the cycle.

16 productivity hacks that keep business leaders on track

expert panel

Implement these workflow strategies when deadlines are quickly approaching. When you are stretched thin with plenty on your to-do list, believe it or not, the best thing you can do is to relax (mentally and physically) periodically throughout the work day. By doing so, you'll refuel your energy level, be more focused and productive as you push past the finish line to reach your short- and long-term goals. Below, experts from Fast Company Executive Board describe their most effective productivity hacks during crunch time and how useful they are when you are trying to get the most done.

Here's how to maintain your 'peak performance mode' all week

expert panel

No matter what kind of day or week you're having, there are some simple ways to keep your energy and performance high at work. Everyone has dips in their energy and productivity. However, when you're trying to lead a business, it's tough to lose valuable work time to a slump in motivation. The key to maintaining high energy levels and positivity at work isn't resolving to "power through" the slump and burn yourself out; rather, it's about integrating small, simple habits that may help reduce the likelihood of that slump in the first place. To help you stay in optimal performance mode, a panel of Fast Company Executive Board members would like to share how they manage to keep themselves at their peak, regardless of what's happening throughout the week.

From distraction to traction: Finding true return on leadership 


Excellence should never come at the expense of our wellness.

16 signs of a toxic work environment (and how to address the root issue)

expert panel

Negativity on the job leads to critical issues for leadership and their staff members. Enabling a toxic environment in the workplace may result in the tarnishing of the professional reputations of the parties involved or the company's downfall. Still, many managers choose to turn a blind eye, and subordinates are too intimidated to bring the office drama to their leader's attention. To help supervisors and their direct reports nip their concerns in the bud, 16 Fast Company Executive Board panelists provide key signs of a toxic environment and share some practical advice for management to consider as they try to clean up the workplace.

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Indiggo - Return on Leadership

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Optimizing leadership capacity to execute effectively dictates survival and success for todays' organizations. Indiggo's proprietary technology quickly and easily drives and measures the optimization of the organization's most critical resource - it's leaders and managers.



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Strategy Execution

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