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Entrepreneur. Speaker. Leader. I never imagined holding these roles; my natural analytical tendencies didn’t lend to risk-taking. Leaving a stable job, starting a business in a recession, and becoming CEO of a global think tank wasn’t the plan. Sure, a memorable experience with my junior high guidance counselor first introduced me to the power of career professionals, but I was going to be a doctor. Then, as an advisor at Colorado State, I fell in love with the impact advisors, coaches, counselors, and resume writers have on clients’ lives. In 2008—the peak of the Great Recession—I left CSU. Afraid to fail, I hustled like crazy and did a bit of everything—career coaching, resume writing, and presenting trainings at workforce centers. Along the way, I felt the stress of wondering if I was delivering the best information, experience, and results to aid client success. I felt the stigma that career services often carry within the coaching/counseling worlds at large. And my mission to advocate for the careers industry was born. I ventured out of my comfort zone to assume leadership roles in state and national careers organizations that would make a difference. In early 2015 I assumed ownership of Career Thought Leaders and Resume Writing Academy, and in 2017 acquired the Reach Personal Branding training and certification programs. I’ve met so many dedicated professionals in the careers field who crave first-class support, training, and innovation. These career colleagues transform lives and they inspire me every day. As CEO, speaker, and trainer, I am delighted to provide proven and leading-edge career management, branding, job search, resume development, social media, and leadership expertise for career professionals worldwide. Visit and to learn how we're changing the career success story at a time. If you are a fellow servant leader, sports fan, Rotarian, or advocate for proactive career management... let's connect! While completing my degree, I worked my way up within a mid-sized construction firm and launched additional ventures – juggling running a land construction company, overseeing developments, and working with senior managers to close acquisition deals.


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