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Artificial intelligence and potential consequences in the medical world


As AI becomes more sophisticated and more uses are identified in the medical field, there could be many unintended consequences to the practice of medicine and the patient experience.

13 reasons for leaders to ditch their superiority complex at work

expert panel

Here's why humility and active listening skills are key to effective leadership. Behind every great leader is a great team. The continued success of that team and its ability to thrive, however,  also depends on the manager's ability and willingness to hear their employees out about the challenges they may be facing in the trenches or new ideas they want to bring to the table.  Developing an ego or coming across, more often than not, as a "know-it-all" in one-on-ones or team meetings may be a tell-tale sign that you have a superiority complex, which can ultimately lead your team to failure. The good news is that once you're able to identify your own behavior patterns and recognize you're not the only voice in the room, you'll be able to nip it in the bud quickly and effectively—once and for all. Here, 13 experts from Fast Company Executive Board share how and why it's so important for leaders to avoid a superiority complex no matter where they work. 

How to master the on-air expert TV interview


As you climb the career ladder or build your company, mastering the three-minute TV interview can be an invaluable skill that the company greatly values.

Approach business emergencies like an emergency room physician


Just like a doctor triages patients based on medical needs, an executive can use triage skills to prioritize identified issues based on urgency.

Is the technology solution always the best answer?


Here are some tips for heading off potential problems of introducing technology into your workplace.

Work like a physician in training


Here are some great practices to take from the world of academic medical training and apply to everyday situations in your workplace.

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Little Medical School® brings medicine, science, and the importance of health to children in an entertaining, exciting, and fun way! Our educational enrichment programs provide a fun, innovative, and engaging curriculum. We create an experience using role-playing and tools that real medical professionals use. By participating in these role-playing experiences, Little Medical School is inspiring tomorrow’s doctors today! We offer after school programs, live virtual programs, in-school field trips, birthday parties, and special events that we can customize to fit your needs. All of our curriculum is aligned with STEM objectives. Curious about opening your own Little Medical School in your area? Get in touch today!


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