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We focus on helping organizations gather and analyze data and insights that will help them build strong employee experiences. The research is clear: The heart of exceptional employee experiences (engaged employees) is the key intersection between employee and supervisor. We trust managers and leaders to make the right decisions. Our job is to get these leaders the data and insights they need to inform their people-centered decisions and to build exceptional employee experiences.

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Creating a better workplace: 20 ways to leverage innovative technology

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Access to the right technology can transform the employee experience and ensure maximum productivity and innovation from your team. An exceptional workplace experience should be at the top of many companies' lists when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. Company leaders are increasingly turning to cutting-edge technology to transform their workplaces for this reason. Here, Fast Company Executive Board members explore how forward-thinking leaders can harness the power of workplace technology to design a workplace experience that's both engaging and efficient. Read on to discover the key strategies and emerging trends that are turning workplaces into dynamic hubs of productivity and collaboration.

16 best practices to increase employee retention

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Implement these strategies to build stronger team morale and loyalty in 2024. In today's marketplace, when it comes to attracting and retaining staff members who want to invest their time and services for the long term, trust and transparency are required every step of the way. In addition, it's even more important to ensure that potential employees and employers are in alignment during the hiring process to begin with. Fostering a workplace culture that encourages regular team communication empowers staff members to voice any concerns as needed and feel recognized when they make a valuable contribution to help their department or company move forward. Below, experts fromFast Company Executive Board share 16 strategies to help employers improve employee retention rates in the coming new year.

Improve your one-on-one meetings by harnessing the power of probing questions


While most leaders try to use open-ended questions when talking to employees, too often their questions are overly general. Hence, they fail to produce the desired results.

15 ideas to boost your brand and work culture

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Apply these tips to foster improvement in your business products and services. It's important to keep your eye on the prize when you're running a business you want to see survive. But, it's not always easy to outdo your company's biggest achievements, or implement needed improvements, year after year—especially in a tight economy.  Despite reality, however, whether your company was able to move the needle forward by an inch or a mile to reach its bottom line this past year, it's essential to highlight each moment. By doing so, you'll be able to boost employee morale and heighten productivity among your loyal team members. Here, 15 members of Fast Company Executive Board share one new thing they've already implemented or are excited about doing in the coming year to enhance their business image, company core values, and work culture!

Is executive coaching worth the money: Six ways to maximize your investment


If you're thinking about hiring an executive coach, consider these six things to fully maximize your coaching's value.

Is your small business financially fit for the future? 

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20 tips to set your new company up for success in the marketplace. As a company leader, you may be confident about your organization's ability to meet consumer demands and thrive at meeting your quarterly goals on a regular basis right now. But if you don't have a systematic approach to coming up with ways to keep your business financially fit, you'll be setting your company and team up for failure in the event of unforeseen circumstances. For example, an unsteady economy. Your numbers may look good on paper but regulating your KPI metrics in real-time is essential to generate a true measure of financial success.  Below, 20 Fast Company Executive Board members share one piece of advice that aspiring business leaders or small business owners should consider when it comes to understanding the importance of financial management and planning for longevity in any industry.

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At DecisionWise, we've spent decades creating and managing employee surveys across thousands of different organizations. We've relentlessly tested and validated our survey questions and boast a benchmark database of over 50 million survey responses. From this process we've crafted our gold-standard fully-managed employee engagement survey for organizations just like yours. We didn't stop there. We know you're dedicated to listening to your employees every step of the way so we also provide lifecycle surveys, pulse surveys, 360 degree feedback assessments, and leadership coaching. Let us help you make better people decisions through fully-managed surveys, purpose-built reporting, consulting insights, and program management.