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Maurice Kelly

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Windpact Inc.

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I enjoy bringing new concepts to fruition. I love everything about it. Combining the soft stuff — people's dreams, hopes and ambitions — with the hard stuff — where the science of commercialization is realized, and the numbers, challenges, analytics and technology that make it possible.


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Windpact Inc.

Windpact is a Materials Data and Technology company located in Leesburg, Virginia. The company is driving innovation and accelerating development by providing critical data and analysis tools. Working with clients in a broad range of industries and applications, including sports, military, and automotive, the company’s technology helps clients solve difficult manufacturing challenges, enabling brands to move into a new era of product development. THE PROBLEM: Imagine a world where product development takes minutes not years. Where protective materials in everything from car seats to military helmets save millions more lives because they are created from data more accurate than what was even known possible. This is the world that Windpact is building. Windpact’s technology stack addresses product development team’s questions: What are the best solutions? How do we have first-mover advantage on new technology? How do we make development be less repetitive and more reactive to change? How do we explore new solutions? Windpact is unlocking new opportunities to Operate, Collaborate, and Innovate. The company's uses a proprietary process to digitize material data that feeds into computational models. The result is rapid innovation, which is paramount to saving lives. Windpact was its own first customer, developing its process through work with the U.S. Department of Defense and the National Football League. Contact Information: Investment Opportunities - Shawn Springs (CEO) - Media - Kaarta Maron (Chief of Staff) - Commercial Opportunities - Kenneth Perkins (VP of Design & Development) -


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