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Nearly 20 years spent driving a range of cross-functional marketing endeavors that have delivered tangible results to brands’ bottom lines. From traditional earned and owned comms campaigns, far-reaching sponsorships, documentary-style filmmaking, experiential/event development to product innovation and global pricing strategy, Mike has amassed broad-reaching knowledge that enables him to holistically assess opportunities from every angle and systematically broaden the investment potential that exists for the PR/Influencer/Culture functions.

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15 ways to develop a healthier mindset in the workplace

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Remember that there is light at the end of the journey. There are ups and downs along every business journey, and you won't always see eye to eye with everyone sitting at the table. However, keeping an open mind being willing to take suggestions, and fostering a team dynamic that promotes inclusiveness, giving each team member a voice is a chance to boost team morale and support, especially when the company is facing challenges. Below, 15 experts from Fast Company Executive Board each provide one strategy to help leaders develop a healthy growth mindset that will enable them (and their teams) to embrace challenges and find solutions to their business or client's problems.

20 personal life lessons that build stronger business leaders

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Industry experts weigh in on the tips that keep their companies (and mindsets) growing successfully.  As a business owner or manager, who is responsible for leading a team to successful bottom-line results, quarter over quarter, it's easy to get stuck in a silo mindset or let fear and anxiety take over—having you falsely assume that every other company or leader has the secret to business growth and high-performance teams all figured out. On the contrary, you are not alone in your ability to face and overcome various obstacles head-on. And you'll be grateful for it along the way. To prove the point, a panel of experts from Fast Company Executive Board admits to having their fair share of ups and downs throughout their career journey to leadership. In this topic of discussion, they share one personal life lesson and what it has taught them most about how to become a better leader for the staff members and companies that they represent.

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For more than 20 years we’ve been coming up with clever strategies and telling engaging stories that make brands famous. We’ve changed perceptions. And we’ve done it for some of the biggest brands in the world. Brands like Diageo, British Airways and Hertz. Our work has helped us stand out as one of the most recognised PR agencies in the UK, with more than 100 awards in the past five years. As PR has changed, we’ve evolved too. Developing a set of services that makes sure we always deliver the best results. We’re lucky to have some of the best people in the business too. A team of brilliant minds working across Belfast, London, Edinburgh and Glasgow. And if you’d like to join our happy team, we’d love to chat. Take a look at our jobs page on our website to see what opportunities we have at the minute.


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